Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics – v1.0.4 and an Android Release!

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics – v1.0.4 and an Android Release!

A maintenance update for the iOS version of the game, and also getting ready for Tuesday’s Android release! (FINALLY)

That’s right, the game launches on Google Play next Tuesday (23rd of July) so make sure to pre-register NOW and be amongst the first to download it.  I had a few bug reports, mostly through the Discord, so this update fixes all known problems on all platforms.

The iOS version should auto-appear in the next few days (waiting for Apple Approval).

The short list of fixes:

  • fixed: renamed description of Adrenaline
  • fixed: Continue game now correctly restores your inventory
  • fixed: correctly display the costs of shop items
  • fixed: made “health” drink drop-able (so can be shared between characters)
  • fixed: falling in an overworld pit with a briefcase, won’t keep triggering the briefcase mission
  • fixed: coin-amount rendering bug in statusbar
  • fixed: shooting plasma from Mech suit now correctly targets enemies


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