Space Grunts 2 DEVLOG #7 ā€“ Don’t mention the Space Pirates…

Space Grunts 2 DEVLOG #7 ā€“ Don’t mention the Space Pirates…


Alrighty, well most of the stuff is covered in this weeks vlog. And I’m not going into the whole “card-rendering” problem I mentioned :DĀ  It was a silly solution I had, and it’s now a much better one, let’s keep it at that! One thing is that I might actually do another big update to the system, and pre-render the card graphics into a card-texture.. that way I can also rotate the cards around an angle.. something I can’t do now, because the card is build out of various elements including text, which will all look messy if I rotate and position each element by itself.

On the topic of drawing! spending time drawing a bunch of new environments also gave me a better feel for the looks I’m going after. I noticed that 50’s-70’s style sci-fi is mostly: shiny, colorful, and round.. for some weird reason. So I started putting more rounded corners on my walls and also tried some uncomfortably brightly colored surroundings. Not really my usual style, but the end result does work. So we now have bright orange floors, neon green walls.. it all makes the game have a certain look and feel that I was after.

I might go in and re-do the first area’s graphics, which were mostly a base to build upon anyway!

With game-progression slowly showing it’s face in the current build of the game, there’s all sorts of things to start thinking about. How does the player progress? how does the player get new cards in his deck? are these cards permanent unlocks? or just for the current game?Ā  How many new cards do you get? how many cards do I need to add?!

A lot of stuff that I haven’t really figured out or thought about before this point, as I was simply testing the whole card-battle stuff in combination with the classic Space Grunts turn-based action. But now that I’m fairly confident it all works, it’s time to put some thinking into all the details!