Space Grunts 2 DEVLOG #8 – Creating alien plant life

Space Grunts 2 DEVLOG #8 – Creating alien plant life


Never, ever, give somebody a green-screen to play around with.. in all honesty: I have wasted a bit too much time playing with that green-screen!

BUT I still had a decently productive week, besides creating all the plant life I showed in the video, there’s a few more interesting changes made to the game this week.  First of those is damaged-items!  It’s now possible for items to be damaged, right now that means they will deal 1 damage to you if you use them in a battle. But it’s very likely I’ll put some more variation in the effects that damaged items have.

Code wise it was pretty easy to implement, since all tiles in the game map already track damage values, I just made the pickup-item entity test for a high enough damage value, and if true, then item is damaged.  So pretty much all items that get caught in a bomb-explosion or fire will be damaged.

I’ve also been trying to streamline the use of items/cards a bit more. There were still a lot of cards that you could use freely at any tile on the map. But most of those cards had some sort of effect on your battles with aliens. So I now moved them around a bit and changed the usage of some of the cards slightly so that all these cards are now required to use in a battle – meaning the player has to make more tactical decisions on when to use those items (because you will be in a fight!).

Besides the plant life I drew a bunch of new enemies to encounter, most of those are of the humanoid type which means they will be using the same type of weapons as you!  joy!