Space Grunts 2 DEVLOG #10 – Are we on SCHEDULE?

Space Grunts 2 DEVLOG #10 – Are we on SCHEDULE?

So the video basically covers where I am with the project, how much I have done so far and if I’ll make the deadline.. BUT .. what’s the big stuff still left?

One of the major things that I still need to do is get some intelligence into the enemies. The way I’ve written the card-battle code right now the opponent really just does two things:

  1. are we being attacked? check our defense-percentage and based on that either defend or just attack OR idle.
  2. are we playing the first card? check our attack-percentage, and attack or be idle based on that!

So yeah, that’s not very intelligent, and altho it all works for the easier and early alien encounters, in the later levels and for more harder opponents we need something much better. My plan is to give the aliens a set of defend, attack and special item cards (like healing) in their arsenal based on their type (alien, humanoid, robotic).

I’m not giving them a full deck of cards, which would of course be the most fair and realistic way to do the card-battling, but instead we are “cheating” a bit on this, since the opponent will be more free to choose which card it will be playing from it’s (very) limited set of cards and based on percentages..  but as with all games, you don’t want realistic enemies, you want capable and interesting enemies, and this should accomplish that!

So that’s one of the big things I’ll be working on after I’m back from my little vacation in a week or so, and I hope to have it up and running before I push out the early-access version!


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