Space Grunts 2 update v0.1.0 – Tricorders and Special cards

Space Grunts 2 update v0.1.0 – Tricorders and Special cards


Here’s the first big update for Early Access, and it comes with a long list of tweaks, changes, improvement and a few big new features. The big features are the passive-skills, which are extra cards you can acquire when you level-up in experience (XP). Then before you teleport into the next level, you’ll get the choice to pick one out of three randomly chosen cards.

The second big change is the Tricorder card, which is now shown on “first-encounters” with new aliens, items, objects, etc. This will show you a dialog with info on the items and aliens. Still fleshing out the information to show there, but it’s a good start. It’s also the start of the whole Codex feature that’s coming!

So there you have it, check below’s full-changes list if you want, and keep in mind that this also means the game will have it’s first price-increase next Tuesday (October 8th) so this is the last week you can get the game at this deep discount.

Newly added stuff:

  • add: Tricorder card now replaces “Skip” card on first encounters, throws up a dialog with stats+info on entity being scanned
  • added: passive-skills – between levels (available with every level-up skill point)
  • added: Passive-skill: Quick-teleport
  • added: Passive skill: Heavyarmor – halves damage and discards self-inflicted damage
  • added: Passive skill: Rager – increase HP with 1 after every alien kill (in battle)
  • added: Passive skill: Boring – big chance your opponent falls a sleep when entering the battle
  • added: Passive skill: Calming – angry creatures will calm down near you
  • added: Passive skill: Dispenser – dispenses spores making creatures lose your smell (harder to track you)
  • added: sickness status to player (when bitten or near sick creatures)
  • added: passive/skip cards now have their own color
  • added: pathfinding (mouse) now avoids hazardous floors if possible (acid, burns)
  • added: Powertool – +1 attack on full deck of cards
  • added: renamed “Leave” to “Retreat” and gave new icon

Fixed and changes:

  • fixed: alien-attack card images now show “attack” state
  • fixed: got too many skillpoints (or not deleted after using one?)
  • fixed: skip-card now properly reshuffles the cards to the end of your deck
  • fixed: various bugs with card-deck count not being correct and cards missing
  • fixed: “quick-teleport” special card shouldn’t kick in when energy == 0
  • tweak: wrench-item now available more often
  • tweak: enemies don’t level up fast enough now (low hp and low attackskills)