Space Grunts 2 DEVLOG #12 – Milestones and Planning

Space Grunts 2 DEVLOG #12 – Milestones and Planning

Wooaah! I forgot to do a written post for Devlog #11 !  Luckily there was a video talking about the A.I. and how I made them slightly smarter (still needs work).

This weeks video talks about the “big features” that still need to be done before I can call this game “complete”. Which doesn’t mean I won’t be adding new stuff after that, but these are the minimum features I want to add, and after that it fully depends on how many people keep playing the game and if I can come up with interesting extra’s.

Most of the big features mentioned in the video are fairly easy things to implement, with the exception of “The Ending” but the hard part there is mostly coming up with the idea, not so much the code behind it.

With the codex/stats screen I mentioned in the video, I might also try and create a little “wiki-extractor” which pulls out all that informations and dumps it into a HTML format that I can use to create a wiki-page on the Orangepixel website. I did the same thing with the Sir Questionnaire Wiki and basically it generates all that informations from a little function I added to the game. It then also generates all the .png images required and correctly links to those, leaving me with just a silly FTP upload to get it all up on the server.

The reason I put this work in wiki’s and codex systems is mostly that I often forget a lot of the things I’ve put in a game, so when players ask for support or help in X amount of months from now, I’ll need some sort of reference myself because I probably forget about all of it before then !

Anyway, based on these final “big features” I expect the deadline of end-November is very do-able, I’ll be pushing out updates once a week (on Tuesday’s) to Steam Early Access, with probably the exception of a one or two weeks where I’ll be working on getting the mobile ports up and running and won’t have as many new features/changes every week.

Exciting to see the game come to life in such a VERY short time, and still have such a completely different game as the original Grunts was.. I might try my hands on a card-battle Heroes of Loot after this !


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