Space Grunts 2 update v0.2.0 – Comets and Dialogs

Space Grunts 2 update v0.2.0 – Comets and Dialogs


Version 0.2.0 comes in HOT! With a bunch of great new features, one of which is the Comets Event!  Right now the comet event has a fairly big chance of happening in a game, this will be more balanced over time as there will be more events added, and I’m still finding the right balance between having events and no-events at all.

I’ve also added a dialog-system to the game, which comes with a bunch of tutorial like instructions and information text left and right.

And the game now has a continue/save game feature! It auto-saves between levels, but when you die, the save-game will be deleted (permadeath!)  I might make it an option later on to toggle perma-death on and off, but for now you at least get to take a break on longer runs!

Besides those main things there’s a bunch of other stuff added, fixed and tweaked, so for the full list check below.  This also marks the first price-increase for Early Access.

Full changes list:

  • added: dialogs + tutorial instructions/explaining things that happen, with avatar (doc)
  • added: first “Event” – Comets – has comets randomly dropping around the planet region
  • added: a map screen
  • added: continue/save game
  • added: bigger hero avatars (used in hero-card and dialogs)
  • added: changed XP-bar rendering (replaced text with visual bar)
  • added: skill-levels to the players status-bar
  • added: safe teleportation spots (require a “beam me up” card)
  • added: new card: Teleporter

Fixes and tweaks:

  • fixed: quick-teleport won’t teleport if danger is gone (opponent died)
  • fixed: some light/visible-area issues after doing a quick-teleport
  • fixed: speed improvement on FOV calculations
  • fixed: radar rendered slightly lower (not to overlap with card-deck counter)
  • fixed: metal crate debris looks like acid
  • fixed: improved burning-floor effects
  • fixed: Cybergon now uneffected by it’s own bombs
  • fixed: door near bomb was still visible but not solid
  • fixed: player-avatar in dialogs is the wrong one
  • fixed: FIST disappeared at reshaper
  • fixed: improvements to card-selection with mouse
  • tweak: Martian was too strong for early levels, now shows up later in the game
  • tweak: item-drop rate now includes specific-skills of player
  • tweak: HP given by transporting to next level now depends on class (tech get’s more, grimm get’s less)