Space Grunts 2 update v0.3.0 – Events and Dragging

Space Grunts 2 update v0.3.0 – Events and Dragging

Another week, another big update coming in the form of v0.3.0.  With this update I added a whole new control method for mouse-players. The click on a card is replaced with a little drag+drop action, you don’t have to drag them a lot, but you do need to drag them a bit towards the played card area.

The main advantage is that there will be less “wrong-card” moments which happened a lot when having to just click to play the cards. Now you can always drag the card back down and it won’t be played.

I also hustled the order of the special “infinity” cards a bit, so that the “Skip” turn card is placed at the end of your hand and not at the start. This gives your actual deck more a focus, and hopefully also makes the player more aware of these cards being special in a way.

Besides that there’s a bunch of new game-events,  and I lowered the amount of Comets in the Comet event (was a bit much).  Damage area’s of everything are also now much more visual, so Comest, bombs, plasma-bombs, they all clearly show their danger area, making it easier to navigate out of the way.

Check the full list below on all the many changes and improvements made in the last week.  For next week I’ll be focussing mostly on the important tasks of adding a bunch of new cards, more special cards, and possibly start working on adding an actual end-goal (boss battle).

Full changes list:

  • added: Event – Blazing – Sun is dying, causing open fires across the planet surface
  • added: event Darkness – first space-station area is covered in darkness
  • added: flame-exhaust obstacles
  • added: card-effects (like burning cards from incinerator)
  • added: Drag-drop cards instead of clicking (mouse and touch controls). Makes it less likely to play/use the wrong card.
  • added: item Screw Driver – fixes damaged cards in your whole deck
  • added: item Syringe – selection of random effects when used
  • added: tutorial for first “inventory-card” being added
  • added: tutorial for “Infinite” cards like Fist, Skip, Exit, etc
  • added: safe-spots now also add message in HUD
  • added: tutorial for “Angry” creatures
  • added: deck-size now also shows max

Fixes and tweaks:

  • fixed: added more animation to start of a card-screen
  • fixed: special cards aren’t unlocked yet for codex
  • fixed: damaged-cards now actually do self-damage when used
  • fixed: damaged-item tutorial shows wrong avatar
  • fixed: teleport-card played by aliens doesn’t work (Scavenger)
  • fixed: when player is walking a path (mouse-controls) and mouse-clicks, player should stop/halt
  • fixed: idle card seems to ignore first card in hand
  • fixed: corrected Comet-impact location and added highlighted damage map
  • fixed: when inventory is full, red-key card still shows up in HUD but isn’t added to inventory
  • fixed: some tutorials would be missed due to multiple tutorials triggering
  • tweak: both cards in a battle are now properly played at same time.
  • tweak: acid on floors will vanish over time (48+ turns)
  • tweak: eased up on the comets in Comet event
  • tweak: unified the look of “infinite” cards like Fists, Tricorder, Skip and Exit
  • tweak: moved “Idle/Swap” card to end of hand
  • tweak: movement is now instant (when looking left, you can move right without first having to “turn”)
  • tweak: metal-crates now don’t have a minimum-damage-at value (less confusing)
  • tweak: “Angry” aliens now less stronger (depending on their initial strength and species)
  • tweak: increased spore-spawn chance on plants


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