Space Grunts 2 update v0.5.0: New life forms, area’s and events found, Captain

Space Grunts 2 update v0.5.0: New life forms, area’s and events found, Captain



Where last weeks update was a lot of fixing and tweaking, this weeks update comes in with a lot of new stuff. New aliens are added, new alternate-levels to be found, a new event or two and a bunch of new cards being sorted into your deck!

I’m not going into any details on these alternate-levels, as it’s part of discovering it yourself as a player, but I might eventually do some work on some sort of Wiki pages (cause I usually forget about these secrets myself over time!)

I’ve been adding a bunch of alien-specific cards to the game, so that aliens now have a bit more choice during battles without having to resort to weird human like weapons.

Make sure to check out last Thursday’s vlog showing the creation of the boss:


and let me know if you already encountered him! ;)

Full changes list:

  • added: Alternate area: Ancient ship
  • added: Alternate area: Spidernest
  • added: better highlighting of selected cards (especially for mouse/touch controls)
  • added: new card Scavenge Box
  • added: new card Forcecon
  • added: specific cards for Blob-boss
  • added: HP point changes now also visible in herocards (HUD)
  • added: new cards for the Aliens
  • added: Mimic alien
  • added: Tentacle alien
  • added: Spider-om alien
  • added: “Game Saved” dialog/tutorial
  • added: loading/new-game hints prompts
  • added: Event – Infestation – wall-creepers all over!
  • added: new card – Genocide Device
  • added: Wall-creepers
  • added: Spiderwebs – halt you for 3 turns
  • added: Critero alien

Fixes and tweaks:

  • fixed: cards floating off when interacting with doors/walls/non-violent-entities
  • fixed: improvements to card drag-drop systems
  • fixed: starfield rendering
  • fixed: save games didn’t restore the correct level (always 1 too soon)
  • fixed: description of Survivor card now says “last safe spot” instead of “Random spot”
  • fixed: hidden wall has no card/codex-image
  • fixed: rescue-pod has no card/codex image
  • tweak: balancing of mimic-spawns
  • tweak: made stronger aliens slightly weaker when they appear as rare-alien in the levels (before their normal level)