Space Grunts 2 update v0.6.0: Captain, we discovered a Flamethrower

Space Grunts 2 update v0.6.0: Captain, we discovered a Flamethrower

This week my main focus has been on fixing tiny bugs and making various little improvements to different parts of the game and interface.  I did manage to sneak in a couple of new items/cards to use in the battles, so there is of course a great reason to give the new version a proper play through!  I really love the Flamethrower, it has a very destructive strength, but a lot of that destruction can really turn on you and isn’t the safest weapon to use. But effective in almost all cases!

And if the new cards aren’t enough reason, then maybe the first batch of Achievements I introduced to the game might make you want to play. There are 18 achievements added and I probably will add a few more, but these ones are already a nice variation of “easy” “medium” and “hard” achievements.. so there’s something there for everyone!

My next focus will be on adding that actual ending when you slay The Blob, add a proper credit screen, complete work on the codex, and work on a statistics screen to keep track of your victories, biggest enemy, and other such silly but fun stats to look at!

There will also be a special item added to the game which can only be unlocked through instructions in one of the upcoming Newsletters, so make sure to sign-up for that one!

And of course there was also another vlog on the games’ development, this time showing the creation of a new tentacle obstacle:

Full changes list:

  • added: skill icons light up when levelling up/grunt-manual card
  • added: station info pops up as speech bubble
  • added: new Alien card – Scratch (lesser version of claw)
  • added: first batch of Achievements
  • added: new card Flamethrower
  • added: new skill-card Web of Time
  • added: Tentacle creature now attacks when woken up/appearing
  • added: touch/mobile specific interface
  • added: backdrop to menus
  • added: zoom-in on cards for touch-screens (when long-pressed)
  • added: character select now uses proper card-interface

Fixes and changes:

  • fixed: don’t show spore-info dialog when spore are killed off screen (by fire)
  • fixed: walking through heal spores doesn’t heal correctly (crystal)
  • fixed: more satisfying explosion for bigger creatures
  • fixed: robots sometimes run backwards (visually)
  • fixed: syringe effect and other pop-up messages are now visible
  • fixed: can now open map-view on touchscreens
  • fixed: projectile effects (like railgun) have rendering artifacts
  • tweak: wall-spider-cracks now only crack if player is near them (not at 2-3 tiles anymore)


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