Space Grunts 2 update v0.9.0: Daily Challenges and Dungeons

Space Grunts 2 update v0.9.0: Daily Challenges and Dungeons

I decided to implement Daily challenges into this version. Originally planned to be part of an update, but I was comfortable enough in my planning that this seemed like a good idea!

There’s also a new region added where you get to visit the Heroes of Loot Dungeons and find a very unique item to help you in the rest of the game. These special items are now placed in special, and more easily identified, crates with a little Orange logo on them.. just to make sure the player is more likely to actually find those.

The rest of this update is a huge list of fixes and changes. I’ve still noticed that some crates/barrels remain after being blown-up.. so that’s one of the few bugs I know are still in the game.. but getting close to a very solid version!

Which is great, cause this game will be released on iOS on December 3rd for the first time! even tho PC remains in Early Access for a few more weeks, and I might put out an Early Access for Android soonish.

I’m very happy that the bug I was hunting last week hasn’t shown it’s ugly head anymore, so I guess my big bug-hunt was worth the time! Check my vlog on that one here:

Full changes list:

  • added: inventory flashes when new items are added to it
  • added: items in “alternate” worlds are now in special crates (more noticeable)
  • added: Dungeons world (alternate route)
  • added: improved gameover screen
  • added: actual ending after defeating the Blob
  • added: Daily Challenges
  • added: item Powerglove (VERY rare)
  • added: “dialog” for super rare items (powerglove, weboftime, genocidedevice)

Fixes and changes:

  • fixed: Drill card could make fist card go missing
  • fixed: double tutorial dialog popping up at once
  • fixed: player-icon on mapview now correctly on top
  • fixed: map-view now centers player on screen
  • fixed: skip “spam” messages in hud (i.e: inventory full)
  • fixed: empty crates didn’t make a noise
  • fixed: special-crates wouldn’t always spawn special item
  • fixed: web of time card doesn’t function correctly
  • fixed: crash bug with drill-card on small deck (<5 cards)
  • fixed: some entities not being killed/exploding when low on energy
  • fixed: minutes played counter didn’t reset between games
  • fixed: End-boss level had two exits
  • fixed: optimized save-game files
  • fixed: The Blob has graphics mess when hit
  • fixed: cards still fly to deck even if inventory full
  • fixed: touch-controls don’t set to correct transparency
  • fixed: game auto-plays when using Invisibility card
  • fixed: reset “tapcount” on non-selected cards
  • fixed: show “X in deck” when card is selected by touch (uideck + uiplaycards)
  • fixed: uidailygame doesn’t show back button on mobile. Does work
  • tweak: move “deck-count” up a little bit
  • tweak: Modifier cards are now moved to Pause screen (free some screen space)
  • tweak: make player dot on “on-screen radar” bigger