Space Grunts 2 update v1.0.0: All main content added

Space Grunts 2 update v1.0.0: All main content added

A smaller updates this week, but that doesn’t make it less important. This is version 1.0.0 which signals two things: the game is now pretty much feature complete (in regards to the features I had planned to be in the full game) AND it also means today (as this version goes live on Steam Early Access) the game launches on iOS!

I’m not done with the game yet tho!  There are a still a few alternate area’s I want to add to the game, and I have a list of card ideas that I need to go over and check out some of the better ideas for implementing into the game. The plan is to keep the Steam version in Early Access until 2nd or 3rd week of January, this should also be after the various Steam sales and holidays are done.

With this version also comes a nice “launch” trailer which gives a quick overview of the key elements of the game. This Thursday’s vlog will be about the creation of the trailer, giving a little insight on the process behind it, so make sure to check out both videos!

Full changes list:

  • added: some cards are now limited to character class
  • added: new card – Redorang
  • added: new card – Chip
  • added: new card – Omega
  • added: good portion of new level layouts
  • added: new card – Booster

Fixes and tweaks:

  • fixed: rare bug teleporting into a small side-chamber
  • fixed: hours not included in leaderboard scores
  • fixed: invisibility ignored at exitconsole, stations and non-alien entities
  • fixed: rare chance of not having a red/blue key available
  • tweak: Metal crates now more likely to have rare/higher-skill items
  • tweak: Metal crates now spawn bunch more goodies (makes more interesting to waste attack on them)
  • tweak: Metal crates now have a small random difference in their energy / hit-count
  • tweak: Fists now have strength depending on characters attack-skill
  • tweak: invisible card should end current battle
  • tweak: Tinybombs (dropped by cybergon) now do more surrounding damage (more dangerous)


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