Space Grunts 2 update v1.1.0: Your most requested feature

Space Grunts 2 update v1.1.0: Your most requested feature

I heard you loud and clear!  So here you go: overview of all the cards in your deck!!… sort of!

So most requested feature I had both on PC but especially after releasing on iOS is a way to see which cards are in your deck. The problem I had with this is that part of the design is that you are blindly pulling cards from the top of your deck and not really know what’s gonna happen!  BUT I can’t ignore the fact that most people wanted a bit more insight into what’s available, so I decided to meet you guys halfway.

The pause screen now shows the last 3 picked up cards (especially interesting for new players or when you bump into a card you never seen before), and below that there’s a list of all the variations of cards in your deck and how many of each you have. So it should help you keep track of what to pick up (am I low on defensive cards? or am I low on attack cards?).

You can also tap, hover or select the card for a bigger view of what it does…  early responses to this have been positive, so I hope this is a good solution? – Let me know what you think!

Besides that a bunch of small bugs and fixes, didn’t get around to add any big features due to the launch to iOS!
I did do this weeks video on the creation/decisions behind the Space Grunts 2 trailer, check it here:

Full changes list:

  • added: (mobile) hud now detects screen-notch and moves the hud accordingly
  • added: pause screen now shows info on last cards collected and current deck
  • added: (mobile) swipe-to-move controls (see touch in options)
  • added: “line of sight” now uses gray-scaling instead of blackness for unseen areas

Fixes and tweaks:

  • fixed: “Inventory full” message spamming is now fixed
  • fixed: daily-run scores test sometimes overlapping
  • fixed: high-scores table rendering bugs
  • fixed: bombs dropped by cybergon now highlight their damage radius
  • fixed: (mobile) phantom touch-button in setup

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