Space Grunts 2 update v1.3.0: Collect trinkets for extra power!

Space Grunts 2 update v1.3.0: Collect trinkets for extra power!

Ho ho ho! I managed to squeeze out one more tiny update this year!  When I added the challenges last week I didn’t have a good idea on what type of reward the challenges should unlock… and now I do!

In this update you’ll find Trinkets, every challenge will unlock a new type of trinket, and once they are unlocked they will start appearing in your game. You can only carry one trinket at a time, and they will have some cool effects. Currently there are 8 trinkets in the game:

  • Flashlight – more visibility in dark-areas
  • Spider – spiderwebs won’t slow you down
  • Metal-plate – randomly defends against hits
  • Controller – Disables nearby level hazards (flamers, rockets, fires)
  • Paperclip – Don’t need keycards to open doors
  • Poker chip – +1 on deck when inventory is full during pickup
  • Lucky card – your deck gets refilled when empty
  • Bandaid – using level transport completely refills your HP

That should give you some good incentive to complete those challenges!

But.. that’s not all!  I designed a few new level blocks / rooms / areas, so you’ll might find yourself wondering around some fresh level designs.. enjoy the holidays! :)

Full changes list:

  • added: collection of new level-layouts for your adventures!
  • added: Trinket rewards to challenges
  • fixed: alien-codex information showed wrong names/data
  • fixed: rare game crash when using idle card on small deck

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