Space Grunts Update v1.7.0 : Tornado season

Space Grunts Update v1.7.0 : Tornado season

Another week, another update! This one is a bit fun, I had this silly idea for a Tornado entity. You can’t fight with it, or interact with it.. you can only try to avoid it .. OR NOT!  Because bumping into it isn’t pure good or bad.

When you hit the tornado it will reshuffle your full deck (always) and there’s a fairly big chance that it will fling you around the map a bit; placing you on a nearby tile.  Both the reshuffle and the flinging might actually turn out pretty well if you are in a crowded area!

There is now also a Tornado-Event added to the event-pool , in which case those tornado’s will be all over and in much bigger numbers than in a normal round.

So enjoy! :)

Full changes list:

  • added: Tornado entities – they shuffle your deck, and teleport you to last safe spot
  • added: Tornado season event (many tornado’s)
  • added: new hints (on character select screen)


  • fixed: improved settings menu items

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