Space Grunts Update v1.8.0 : Character customization

Space Grunts Update v1.8.0 : Character customization

A much requested feature is some sort of character customization, so guess what! We now have character customization! It’s not over extensive because the game doesn’t really have a huge amount of statistics that change the game’s progress. There is strength, defense, and tech and of course your health.

I might expand on this in future updates, but such an update will require a lot more work because any extra properties are required to drill down to every system that makes up the game ! So adding properties is easy, but having them connect with all the other game stuff takes some thought.

For now, I think this is a pretty cool step towards modifying the challenge of a single run!

I also made mechanical-walls show up more visibly on your radar, as I noticed some players weren’t aware enough and at times missed the fact that some walls had walls that only open up when you are near them. This should remedy those problems.

There was also, still, some occasional problems with the boss-level not generating an exit/boss/ending. I added a few more checks for when such a thing might happen and then fix those cases.

Full changes list:

  • added: Character customization
  • added: mechanical walls are now visible on the radar
  • added: double check for levels creating an exit
  • added: transparency to walls blocking your view
  • fixed: Tornado’s now vanish after tossing player 3 times
  • fixed: progress-menu items design

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