Snake Core update 0.0.6 : Almost killed the project

Snake Core update 0.0.6 : Almost killed the project

WOW what a week.. I literally had a mess on my hands just hours before typing this. This week I decided to tackle the level-design, because let’s face it: rectangle arena’s are sooooo 1980.  We want more variation in there, and for that I needed to redesign a few things.

And those “few things” turned into a huge chaos and almost made me quit working on this.  I’ll be doing a video on the whole dynamic-resolution-scale-arena-to-all-sizes problems I worked myself into over on Youtube next Thursday, so make sure to check that out!

ANYWAY.. the update is here! and it comes with a HUGE list of changes as always in alpha development phase. Every day is full of tweaks, improvements, changes, new things, and more fun!

If you are brave enough, grab the update over on Patreon.. don’t worry about, or waste time, mentioning bugs to me, I’m probably already aware of them and already working on fixes!

Full changes list:

  • added: Power plants can now be damaged by bombs (ie: Bombsquad mode)
  • added: different way to build up the arena (level). More variation.
  • added: aliens have a range, so they can’t shoot mining-stations from other end of the screen
  • added: Transport game mode
  • added: different aliens
  • added: Bombs have a wider reach depending on mode / stage
  • added: give +100 bonus points for energy-stations that survived
  • added: Power plants now have “faster plasma mining” upgrade
  • fixed: pickups and non-alien entities lower the kill-targets
  • fixed: scores given for bombs, tentacles and others were incorrectly calculated
  • fixed: when bomb explodes as “main-target” it doesn’t reset target-flag
  • fixed: rocks, and pilars also give 100+ points
  • fixed: infection is placed “in” solid walls (not checking correctly)
  • fixed: less “score plumes” to declutter the screen. Only big scores throw a plume
  • fixed: infection can spawn at players spot at start
  • fixed: electricity round-flares should have a higher depth
  • fixed: tentacle seems to shoot bullets?
  • fixed: random “deaths”
  • fixed: numerous rendering issues

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