Space Grunts Update v1.9.0 : New environments

Space Grunts Update v1.9.0 : New environments


This weeks big new feature comes in the shape of new environment graphics. I decided it was time to spice up the variation a bit, so there are now alternate versions of graphics for each region, and the game will alternate between those for the various levels.  It’s a tiny thing gameplay wise, but it does make the game feel fresh again!

While doing new graphics I also added a tiny amount of new level-layouts, so you might find yourself wandering in new areas now and then!

Most of this weeks code was preparing some under-the-hood stuff for future updates. I haven’t been adding new cards because I made a thinking error in my code/design, making it hard to add new cards without messing up a bunch of things like statistics and unlocked buff cards, etc.   The code to fix all that is now running in this version, which makes it possible again to start adding new cards in future updates.. I have some ideas already!

Finally I fixed a few bugs and small annoyances..  game on Captain!

Full changes list:

  • added: alternate graphics for every region (randomized for more variation)
  • added: new level building blocks
  • fixed: re-organized skills and buff card code handling for future updates
  • fixed: split tornado-event and single-tornado dialog text
  • fixed: healing (sickness) now only works when using a medi-kit or enhancer card
  • fixed: player energy wasn’t correctly saved in saved-game

for support, questions, or just Space chit-chat, make sure to check #spacegrunts !