Snake Core Update 0.0.7: Own that BOSS!

Snake Core Update 0.0.7: Own that BOSS!

Right.. last weeks update was a bit of a mess in various areas.. but that’s Alpha release and Game development for ya!  I’m happy to say that this build feels much more stable and actually feels like it’s on track for moving out of Alpha-ness.

This week sees the introduction of an End-boss entity, it’s not a very tough or difficult end-boss, because I simply don’t like creating those or playing against those. I’ll also talk about the creation of this boss in next Thursdays video, so if you want to see how it got made: subscribe now to awesome weekly videos !

I’ve also been working hard on getting the game up and running on mobile, I just completed the first couple of tests on my good old iPad.. and very pleased with the results (even in portrait mode!).

Most of my focus right now is on completing the “main feature” list and getting this game out the door. There is still room for a lot of things like adding more variation to world-graphics, and aliens, and improve the bullet-effects.. but I feel confident that next weeks update will be VERY close to a release!


Full changes list:

  • added: an end-boss
  • added: “unknown” nodes (question mark – no intel on this area)
  • added: Clock power-up (increases time)
  • added: light surrounding the pickups/powerups
  • added: visual variation in bullets (after upgrades)
  • added: “L”evel to units in upgrade system
  • added: reset powerups when starting new node/level
  • fixed: improved auto-fire code
  • fixed: medic was 100% healing front runner (at all times)
  • fixed: weird map-generator crash
  • fixed: when moving up, first soldier dies, but often 3rd or 4th soldier walks through the wall
  • fixed: center energy bars over their source
  • fixed: survival mode should NOT get a timer powerup (doesn’t help player)
  • fixed: don’t spawn time-powerup in transport
  • fixed: can tap on any node, even if not connected to last node

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