Space Grunts 2 update v1.10.0: Let’s eat FRUIT and rebalance

Space Grunts 2 update v1.10.0: Let’s eat FRUIT and rebalance

It’s a big one this week!  Version 1.10.0 comes with a host of new goodies, big changes, and some planning for future updates. So let’s dive into the juicy stuff.

And IT IS juicy this week, you’ll now find the planet has a host of different fruits and these are a little different from your normal items. Fruit is “instant” so if you pickup a fruit, it’s effects will be instant and not card-based. In most cases the fruit will increase your health with +1 or +3 (depending on the size of the fruit).. but every now and then, the fruit can be rotten.. and there is always one type that’s poison.  So figure out which is poison, and avoid it as much as possible.

My idea behind this feature is that it is an alternate way to increase your HP, and it should help getting deeper into the game.  Because it helps.. I of course had to add an opposing effect. So you might find that some of the aliens are now more aggressive. I’ve been rebalancing some stuff, and also made aliens more likely to attack you (to avoid being able to breeze through a group of aliens without ever getting attacked).

More balancing is done in the shape of increasing your XP, which should now be slightly faster, so it also makes it possible to level-up faster. Still tinkering with it!

Besides the fruit, there are some new level layouts, there is now a fruit-room, and a bunch of graphical changes left and right.

Another BIG change is the function of teleporters/safe-spots. I always found them a little underwhelming and function-less. SO let’s improve it. The “Retreat” card in battles is now replaced with a “Beam out” card, which will instantly bring you to the last safe-spot (and end the battle). This makes the teleporters suddenly more interesting, because you can now trigger them near the exit, or near a fruit-room, or at least in a safe spot somewhere in the level.

I will be expanding on this idea for a future update, as one of my plans is to start adding some more “tasks” to the levels. Right now the only task is finding a red key, to open a red-door, and use the exit. But I want to add a few things like: the exit might not work, unless you activate/hack a few consoles somewhere in the level.  Or the red-key isn’t available in the level, but taken by a monster or a specific NPC has it (and yes, there will be NPC’s coming to the game).

I got plans! For now, boot up the new version, give it a few goes, and let me know if I broke anything else while doing all these improvements ;)


Full changes list:

  • added: Fruit – instantly heals, but can be rotten (lowers HP) or poisonous (sickness)
  • added: Fruit-room
  • added: few new level building blocks
  • added: seeding number to pause screen (for bug fixing)
  • added: graphical destruction to walls near explosions
  • added: increased enemy spawns in later levels
  • added: replaced (fairly useless) “Retreat” card with “Beam out” card – taking you to last safe spot
  • added: Trinket info now shown every game on first pickup
  • added: visibility (field-of-view) now smaller when in darkness
  • added: Card stats now show passive/buff card info (and correctly sorts them)
  • added: teleporter spots near exits
  • fixed: minor background graphic improvements
  • fixed: in-teleporting aliens should never be sleeping
  • fixed: slight increase on alien attack-chance in later levels
  • fixed: phantom red-keys (when alternate routes are available)
  • fixed: level-generator bug in 4-direction rooms
  • fixed: small bug in random drops (items, cards, fruit, etc)
  • fixed: VERY rare bug where tornado could put you inside an unescapable small area
  • fixed: “Exit” button on “game completed” screen not working (because of all buff cards unlocked)
  • fixed: lowered “XP” steps required to unlock later XP levels
  • fixed: power-shield card ended turn (for no apparent reason)
  • fixed: monsters now more likely to avoid hazards when moving (like acid)
  • fixed: using medikit at HP station – doesn’t cure sickness


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