Snake Core Update 0.0.8: POLISH until it SHINES!

Snake Core Update 0.0.8: POLISH until it SHINES!

We entered: THE POLISH zone!  That phase of game development, where pretty much the required/demanded/aimed-for gameplay and features are added to the game, and the main thing left now is to polish it all. Remove little annoyances, improve graphics, add variation to content, all those kinda things!

So you’ll find a lot of new little things in this version as I’m working towards a first release! There are still one or two big things I want to implement, so hopefully they will show up in next week’s build.. for now, the game feels very stable and solid, and it’s looking even more pretty than last week! :D

I also got around to working on a little intro – explaining who, what, and why, and a couple of short tutorial/instruction screens to hopefully help new players understand things faster.

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Full changes list:

  • added: shading behind score/hud (more readable)
  • added: intro story
  • added: text-prompts for powerups (time + shield)
  • added: Game won’t end until all “lost scientists” are also picked up
  • added: pause button for mobile
  • added: tutorials
  • added: count-down to timer
  • added: “Scientist” score bonus
  • added: Scientists can now be picked up to run with you at the end of the army
  • added: Battery icon to 2nd runner’s head (to show you picked it up)
  • added: alternate scenery graphics
  • added: darkness to some levels
  • fixed: invisible bullets when in hunt mode
  • fixed: stop things from spawning on top-row of the level (hard to see most of the time)
  • fixed: scientists count as soldier in recruitment missions (so -2 soldiers)
  • fixed: scientist are removed after X frames
  • fixed: infection can still start at player location (at start of level)
  • fixed: stop countdown when it’s only powerups that need to be grabbed
  • fixed: during victory, still can get “on my way” voice samples
  • fixed: rename “death bonus” to “survivor bonus”
  • fixed: phantom “kill zones” causing soldiers to die on seemingly empty spots
  • fixed: bombsquad mode won’t drop more bombs than needed
  • fixed: target<0 shouldn’t be shown in hud
  • fixed: cleaned up various interface thingies
  • fixed: after failed mission – mission screen node-selection messed up
  • fixed: removed “Research completed” sample (old unit-upgrade code)

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