Space Grunts 2 update v1.11.0: New life and Teleporters

Space Grunts 2 update v1.11.0: New life and Teleporters

Captain, we discovered new life forms!  I figured it was about time to add some fresh meat to the game, so you’ll be able to encounter three new creatures, one of which is very fast: it can take 2 turns so might be harder to escape from!

The tornado’s were still causing some issues here and there, so I added more code to (hopefully) avoid all issues where a tornado somehow seems to fling you into the big unknown: Space.  Let me know if you still run into those issues (and preferably with a screenshot and through .. thanks!)

Transporters now have gotten even more functionality, as mentioned last week, so now stepping onto a transportation spot pops-up a little choice. Either set it as a new safe-spot, use it to teleport to the last set safe-spot, or just ignore it (if you stepped on it by accident).

The last safe-spot teleport is also shown on the radar in Blue.. and I think it’s about time to add some sort of legend to the map-screen in an update soon!

For now, enjoy the life-forms and teleportation functionality captain!

Full changes list:

  • added: Transporters now give the option to use them (beam out) set as safe spot, or leave them
  • added: latest transport spot is highlighted on the radar
  • added: new creature: Nilo
  • added: new creature: Brocko
  • added: killed aliens will sometimes lave a smelly corpse attracting other creatures
  • added: some creature can now have faster movement (2 tiles instead of 1)
  • added: “speed” info to alien-codex
  • fixed: tornado’s flinging you around the map will check wider surroundings
  • fixed: multi-turn locks up player if alien dies with turns left
  • fixed: tornado-fling will also show your surroundings (calculate FOV)

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