Snake Core Update 0.0.9: Beta on iOS and nearing completion

Snake Core Update 0.0.9: Beta on iOS and nearing completion

Ooooooooooh, so close to a release version, it’s scary !  but in a good way.  This weeks update comes with so much tiny improvements all over the place, you’d think there’s almost nothing left to improve (but there always is).

Earlier this week I started a first iOS beta test with various devices and testers, and a bunch of little (mostly interface) feedback came from it, with some gameplay changes and fixes here and there.  I’m feeling pretty confident on how stable the game is and how close to release.

The plan is to do some final tweaks and fixes, and then I’ll just have to pick a date for an actual release!  Releasing will be done on iOS first, and then probably Android  and finally PC.  I’m setting up the Steam pages now so that I can start promoting it a bit.

So with some luck, next week I should have more info on that whole release date :)


Full changes list:

  • added: Secondary objectives (meta game)
  • added: save/continue game
  • added: “completion percentage” to secondary objectivs
  • added: dizzy-effects to aliens “defeated” by guards
  • added: improved resolution for iPad devices (more screen-space used)
  • added: The End screen
  • added: infection now “throws” plasma when it spreads
  • added: 2 more difficulty modes (after first boss-fight)
  • added: new patrons to the credits
  • added: blue floor markers for recruits/scientists
  • added: small speedup penalty after X amount of seconds/minutes (forcing player to get on with the mission)
  • added: Recruits now spawn in all modes (just less frequent)
  • added: recruits can now be of all unlocked units types
  • added: victory is now given even if there are powerups left (less confusing)
  • added: Soldiers march more smoothly on mobile (feels better gameplay wise) – without the small march-delay
  • added: aliens shot by guards now stop attacking (still need player to kill them for combo’s)
  • added: high-score to mission screen
  • added: short “3,2,1” countdown after pause screen
  • added: sound effects to mission-selection/upgrade screens
  • added: marching-order signal on floor
  • added: extra code to detect player starting direction/spot
  • added: Achievements (ios,android)
  • added: MFI controller support (ios)
  • added: “Danger sign” on top of units in danger/low energy
  • added: bombs have longer detonation time (depending on difficulty stage)
  • fixed: infection shouldn’t be reflective (too much clutter)
  • fixed: on vertical screens, soldiers can start “in” the portal
  • fixed: “danger” icon should stop when unit is dead
  • fixed: protection mission now places more plasma-station
  • fixed: added Notch-detection (mobile)
  • fixed: improved alien bullet sounds
  • fixed: “tap to start” on intro is to low on screen (swipe bar on ios)
  • fixed: menu-item selection (mobile)
  • fixed: intro/tutorial now improved in portrait-mode on tall screens
  • fixed: army tiny bit slower, increases on difficulty stages


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