Space Grunts 2 update v1.14.0: New Aliens and blindness!

Space Grunts 2 update v1.14.0: New Aliens and blindness!

A couple of tiny little aliens are added to the mix this week, and the black Ooze one comes with a new opponent-card: Ooze spit.  Which will blind you for an X amount of turns!  And when you’re blind, your attack damage will not be a 100% certain! So watch out for that one.

Acido is another Acid based creature, but with a fast 2-turns movement speed. We just didn’t have enough of those going around yet ;)

While adding blindness to the game, I also noticed the your sickness state isn’t actually saved! not a big problem, and hardly noticeable (since nobody mentioned it) but it’s fixed now !

Full changes list:

  • added: new creature: Ooze
  • added: new creature attack – Ooze spit
  • added: new creature Acido (fast acid spitting creature)
  • added: player can now become blind(ed) (by ooze spit)
  • fixed: saving Sickness state of player

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