Space Grunts 2 update v1.15.0: New FRIENDLY life forms!

Space Grunts 2 update v1.15.0: New FRIENDLY life forms!


A short but sweet update this week: NPC’s!  I was planning on adding NPCs for a while now, but I had to figure out their usefulness first.. which I did!   You’ll now find that NPC’s can be holding red-keys, power-data cards or just random items.

I hope to add more functionality to them in later stages, maybe small quest/assignments they want you to do before they can help you out, but for now, it’s fun seeing other faces around the space station ;)

Based on feedback, I also added the Modifier cards and Perma-buff cards to the pause screen (this actually took up most of the work for this update!).  So if you forgot what your active modifier cards do (those you gain in-between levels after leveling-up) just pause the game, and select it for a reminder!

While working on that part, I also came to the funny conclusion, that perma-buff cards (unlocked by completing a full run and defeating the boss) didn’t.. uhm… actually.. activate! :D  oopsy!   Fixed now ;)

Don’t forget to leave a little review if you enjoy the game! It helps me a LOT getting the game more attention and that in turn allows me to keep working on it for a bit longer.

Full changes list:

  • added: can now also check on your Active modifier cards
  • added: NPC’s with various items (random, red-card, power-card)
  • added: Modifier cards now also added to pause screen
  • fixed: oops! perma-buff cards were never actually activated :D – fixed!