Space Grunts 2 update v1.20.0: New areas and scenery

Space Grunts 2 update v1.20.0: New areas and scenery

This week I found some time to “flesh out” the environment we’re walking in. For now it’s mostly static / dumb scenery that looks pretty, but some of these things might get more of a function later on. I also added a collection of new level-blocks, with more “open” area’s, just to give you some room to breath now and then.

I also fixed a collection of tiny bugs and in some cases extremely RARE bugs.. which is also a warning: they are extremely hard to test, so I’m pretty sure they are fixed, but I’m not 100% sure!  So let me know if you still find yourself flung into a room behind a locked door because of a tornado, with no key to open it or escape from !

Full changes list:

  • added: new level templates (making new layouts)
  • added: big scenery pieces (no function.. for now)
  • fixed: Scavenge boxes always gave copies of a single random card. Now they give proper random cards
  • fixed: keycards could be placed in “hidden-rooms” and without a bomb, you couldn’t access those
  • fixed: power datacard could be placed in “hidden-rooms” (and without a bomb, couldn’t access those)
  • fixed: tiny chance a tornado flings you in a locked or secret room without a key to get out.
  • fixed: few info dialogs not popping up

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