Space Grunts 2 update v1.21.0: Maintenance update SQUASH BUGS!

Space Grunts 2 update v1.21.0: Maintenance update SQUASH BUGS!

Alrighty! This weeks update is a bit sooner, because there was a game-breaking bug that pretty much dumbed a big un-destroyable scenery object in front of a hallway (oops!).  Problem had to do with the level generator rotating designed level blocks, and at a certain angle, a certain room would generate items in your path..  Fixed it now by checking if all of those big scenery obstacles have full movement around them, if not, they are removed from the level without players ever knowing they were there!

I also fixed a bunch of tiny bugs with the NPC’s and a weird card combination causing a crash (using a tactical card near a crate.. which doesn’t really make sense, but shouldn’t crash the game either!).

So a good solid maintenance update this week, to make sure we can all keep moving around in a stable game before I break it again with new stuff next week ;p  – just kidding, my plan is to not break things!

Full changes list:

  • fixed: big-scenery blocking corridors/areas
  • fixed: crash using the tactics card near a crate/non-creature
  • fixed: NPC vanishing but area remains blocked
  • fixed: NPC-dialog not closing correctly near special teleporter
  • fixed: bio-dome exit not working unless power is restored (even tho door still opened up)
  • fixed: terminal placed inside walls

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