Improving the interface and adding Teleportation!

Improving the interface and adding Teleportation!

I started working on some sort of teleportation system so that we can go back and forth between the crashed space ship and.. well, pretty much any other spot in the game world.

This somewhat changes how the player interacts with the world, since you can now quickly find safety in your ship, and you will be spending more time in the over-world because of it! – it also saves you from getting lost too much, or running out of health/energy and getting stuck!

Most of my other time was put into improving the interface and making the flow of the game more user friendly. So hints, and just the general “what to do” information is hopefully presented more clearly now. This mostly based on feedback from the demo which was available during the Steam Game Festival a few weeks ago.

Check out this weeks devlog for more details and some game play footage (and teleportation!) –


Full changes list:

  • added: creating deployable devices (Deuterium miner + Metal miner)
  • added: printer at the ship to generate deployables
  • added: field-generators – to quickly teleport between two spots
  • added: Resources to inventory (most of these are minables)
  • added: option to force player to “stand still and read” instructions from the PDB
  • add ICNS file for Mac Build (packr)
  • added SOUND to Deployable devices
  • added: Mouse support + WASD as default
  • added: little Z’s showing player is sleeping + instructions to wake up
  • show “optional missions” like “return to ship to craft deployable”
  • improved trees
  • changed: inventory icons
  • fixed indoor/outdoor on entities (when entering/leaving the ship)
  • sticks don’t spawn on dry planets
  • fixed: low energy now also slows down player
  • fixed: keep track of entities being indoor/outdoor (crashedship)
  • fixed: spaceship doesn’t track world-time, keeps smoking!
  • fixed: sleep not fully darkening the screen on all screens
  • fixed: improved the level-generator variable checkings
  • fixed: can’t jump of vines (right/left + up)
  • fixed: trees don’t have green in “green” planets
  • drop-animation doesn’t have “item anchors”
  • fixed: remove rocks from crashed-ship area


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