Kickstarter AND new planet graphics

Kickstarter AND new planet graphics

This week most of the work was put in just two things:  Starting a Kickstarter for the game, and creating a whole new planet!  If you’ve been following me on the socials you’ll know by now that I’m almost a week into running a Kickstarter to fund the rest of the game’s development. You can find the kickstarter here, and it comes with a great DEMO download!

As for the whole new planet, in this weeks devlog I show the creation of a new tileset used to draw the planet, and it adds to the variation in planets you’ll find yourself on.

The planet graphics come with different layers to make up the background, and it includes things like flowers, and other growth scattered on top of the world.

I also did a bunch of little changes and tweaks, but I seemed to have mixed up a bunch of my “todo” list items with last weeks list.. making it very hard to give an exact update on the changes.. I’ll do better next week!


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