The big boost of content

The big boost of content

Covering two weeks of work, in a short update. HOW!?  Okay, so these weekly update posts have slipped a little bit in recent weeks due to the whole Kickstarter campaign. Good thing? The Kickstarter was a success (thanks!) and is over now, which means I can fully focus on the game and get back into the rhythm of these weekly updates!

A lot of fixes and improvements have been made to the Nature engine, little things like improving the heat-map (based on the sun) and also improving the wind-system which now flows more naturally.  Spawning of creatures, and event triggers have all been improved.. and most of that is not really visual, but it does all add to the overall feel of the current game.

So big new features ARE:  The Visor 2.0!   well, a more improved version of the visor interface. I always knew I was going to need more room on the screen to add data and information, so it’s now split up into a couple of tab-pages, and it’s still not final, but it’s moving in the right direction.

More creatures and “life” is happening on the planet. This will be a on going focus from now on: creating creatures! Things you can run into on the planet, things that are obstacles to overcome, etc.  So there are some interesting creatures hopping about now.

There’s just a lot of tiny things, check the list below, but for now – the new build is available for First-Access Kickstarters and of course Patrons.

As for this weeks Devlog: it talks about the Residual Kickstarter campaign and all the how,why,when,where stuff!


Full changes list:

  • added: make certain items auto-pickup (gems, fallen fruit, etc)
  • added: new Bloater creature (rocky, floats up and drops down)
  • added: new Gigerplant creature – sits on walls, bites!
  • added “Scan” radar to the Visor
  • added: “day” to the time in HUD
  • added: new “HEAVY” door
  • added: TechDrone – spreads “Ooze” all over the planet
  • added more variation to temperature areas on the tilemap
  • add a “shield” powered by your solar-suit
  • added: Improved Visor with more information and tab-pages.
  • added: use more food-energy when cold
  • add more clear “bars” for energy,food,and solar
  • added: deployables will pack them selves up when done in the area
  • added: new world-building blocks
  • fixed: bug caused by some wind settings
  • fixed: holo-consoles give “analyze” info when not even on screen
  • fixed: use-phaser message often blocks stuff happening on screen – show it only once
  • fixed: some bigger objects spawning “on top” of crashed spaceship – block the view and look distracting
  • fixed: wind influence on snow
  • fixed: improved visual wind effect
  • fixed: Solar-power bar should be gone unless charging or using it
  • fixed: resting still lowers players health over time
  • fixed: broken spawn code (no creatures were spawning)
  • fixed: various level-generator bugs/weirdthingies
  • fixed: still get stuff spawning near the crash-site
  • fixed: temperature difference day/night is smaller
  • fixed: solar-bar is now always shown if it’s not 100%
  • fixed: less water-drops
  • fixed: spawners should check for other spawners nearby (only 1 – less crowded)
  • fixed: add “timeout” count on a DOOR’s “EXIT/ENTER” prompt – when player is still standing there. Less confusing to new players
  • fixed: improved wind effect on foliage
  • fixed: renamed Gems to Quartz
  • fixed: Silicon refinery now needs Quartz to generate silicon
  • fixed: audio-panning wasn’t working (positional audio)
  • fixed: SPAWNERS still triggers stuff “mid-camera/screen”

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