Spider Mom and the new devices

Spider Mom and the new devices

PROGRESS!  I love it!  And this week had a lot of that. One of the main additions this week is the music! I finally figured out what music style I wanted for the game, and a few days later the first tune was implemented – and it’s pretty damn good, really sets the mood.

I also worked on a bunch of new devices, one of those will refine “Raw Quartz” (which can be found in destroyable stone) and turn it into Quartz, which can then be used to create Silicon.  The other device is a Metal Compressor, which turns metal rocks into metal plates usable to patch the ship (and perhaps other things in the future).

The final big addition this week is Arachnid!  Or “Mommy spider” .. she doesn’t respond well to either of those, so doesn’t matter how we call her.  The Arachnid have their own areas in the cave, and you’ll have to visit those areas if you want to get your hands on the new item Arachnid Fluid, which can be found in Arachnid eggs!

Anyway, a lot of new stuff and fixes, and it’s available for all Kickstarter backers!

No devlog video this week, as last Thursdays video was about a dozen of my games coming to Switch, and not so much about Residual work :) BUT you can still check it of course!

Full changes list:

  • added: music
  • added: mother-spider: Arachnid in a cave – with ArachnidEggs
  • added: itemArachnidFluid
  • added: wind to visor-scanner
  • added: Hero avatar to dialogs
  • added: solar powered heating to your suit
  • added: sleep animation
  • added: Quartz Refiner – turns Raw Quartz into usable Quartz
  • added: EDP (printer) interface
  • added: variations/alternate tree-growth graphics
  • added: Raw Quartz resource (replacing Quartz)
  • added: Metal Compressor device
  • added: Metal plate resource
  • added: setting to only see the “new mission/guides”
  • added: mission box slide-in effect (more noticeable for player)
  • tweaked: health/food decrease and increase workings
  • fixed: missions box not vanishing
  • fixed: changing inventory item during fishing -crashed the game
  • fixed: deployable mining devices could become hidden when done mining
  • fixed: analyzing datacube shows “analyzing $” in pdb dialog
  • fixed: first “fidget” should be “analyze” instead of “grab”

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