Slow update progress as I struggle

Slow update progress as I struggle

Let’s just start with the important thing here: the struggle is real!  BUT in this case it’s my struggle with the keyboard and layout of my new Windows laptop. After a decade I decided to (attempt to) return to Windows from being a Mac user.

I talked about all of it in last weeks video, so I’m not going to rehash it here.. but let’s just say that even in this tiny amount of text I was just typing, I managed to hit multiple wrong key combinations!

We DO however have an update, as tiny as it is (seeing as it covers two weeks) so just check the full change list, and make sure to update the game (for Patrons and Kickstarter backers).


Full changes list:

  • added: improved tree rendering
  • added: leaves dropping/blown by the wind
  • added: current missions now also visible in visor screen
  • added: visor now remembers last open tab
  • added: resource-navigation in visor screen
  • added: resource-highlighting in visor screen
  • added: new “parallax” background-graphic set
  • added: new sleep-animation frames
  • changed: gave font a black outline (testing)
  • fixed: Tech-pilars should not be placed near/on same spot as Trees
  • fixed: dialog bug in intro-text


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