The start of procedural creatures

The start of procedural creatures

Version 0.0.11 is here, and it comes with a bunch of interesting little thingies. First of all, check that GIF up there.. I know.. they look weird, BUT the code behind it is interesting as it will allow me to create a nice variation of creatures!  The computer is actually mixing and matching body parts and creating different types of life forms.

It’s a very raw system right now, it’s just a couple of different bodies and a couple of different heads, but it’s the start of a slightly bigger system. Just imagine adding tales, adding certain trades (scared animals, violent animals, animals that are attracted by fruit, attracted by deuterium, or quartz). This will allow me to create a lot more creatures and variation in life-forms with far less work than having to create all of them by hand! This game is taking “procedural generation” very serious ;)

This update also comes with you being able to die, so if you health drops to zero.. you’ll drop to the floor.  What happens next can be changed in the settings menu: you either die and the game ends and you can try again on a new planet, or you die, and you’ll wake up in your spaceship (let’s say that your little PDB disaster bot transports you back and the ship heals you) and can continue exploring the planet.

Some more fixes and additions this week, so dive into the new build ASAP (patrons and kickstarter-backers) and drop on the discord ( to talk about Residual!

Last weeks video was not so much a “devlog” but it does contain some new pixel art being made for the game!

Full changes list:

  • added: “Permadeath” setting in options
  • added: when energy is down, you’ll find yourself back at the ship (unless permadeath is on)
  • added: “die” animation and event
  • added: gigerplants do more visible damage to player
  • added: Datacube-shrines now require resources to be activated
  • added: delayed-vines to the “underworld” entrance – to climb back up
  • added: analyzing of big tech pilars
  • added: analyze the ship – gives info on what we need/find. Need to give purpose to the exploration
  • added: improved “border” between overworld and underworld
  • changed: flower-bouncy-thingies should “shrink” and “disappear” on contact with the player (so they don’t keep harming the player)
  • changed: rate of Arachnid eggs being depleted with arachnid-fluid is increased (from 10% to 50%)
  • changed: color change and more details for last updates background
  • fixed: can press Visor key while mid-air
  • fixed: damage sound when player gets hit less annoying
  • fixed: can’t hold mouse button pressed (for phaser use)
  • fixed: bug with gigerplants floating instead of being attached to the wall
  • fixed: can now also use sleep even if 100% health (to quickly skip time)
  • fixed: render-sorting issues
  • fixed: techpilars sometimes render through (single) platform solids


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