Adding more life to the galaxy

Adding more life to the galaxy

This week most of my time was put into the creature-generation I started last week. I’ve now improved on the code, added more options for bodies and heads, and also ended up adding a bunch of tails to the creatures!  On top of that I started working on their behaviour and this is all coming from their unique combinations.

The new build, now available to Patrons and Kickstarter backers, is a lot of fun to walk around in. You’ll encounter a variation of creatures on all layers of the world (into the depth of the planet). Can’t wait to grow the amount of creatures by adding just a dozen or so heads and body parts!

Another BIG addition is the new character! I’m still tinkering with her, but you can activate her by going to the Options menu (before you start a new game) and turn on “alternate character”. I’m most likely changing her outfit in an upcoming update, because this one blends a bit too much with the background in most cases. I’m now thinking about also adding a few more unlockable characters.. we’ll see!

I’ve also put some time in the setup/options menu, and various tiny bugs I ran into here and there, but as mentioned, most work was put into the creatures, so go and spot some of those in the wild!

This weeks devlog talks a little about the whole process used to create these “procedural creatures”in the game, so have a look here:

Full changes list:

  • added: more variation to creatures
  • added: rain now blocks the sun (darker overworld)
  • added: alternate character (turn on in settings BEFORE you start a game)
  • added: female character soundeffects
  • added: creatures can now have tails
  • added: more “ancient storage” spots
  • added: more behaviour code to creatures
  • added: split up the options menu from main settings menu
  • change: small changes in wind system and effect on nature
  • fixed: some level gen bugs
  • fixed: rendering bug in couple of creatures and plants introduced in last weeks update (oops)
  • fixed: responsiveness of ancientstorage devices, and made them stand out more\
  • fixed: Bloaters now only float up when something is nearby
  • fixed: positioning of player during “door knocking open”
  • fixed: made pdb/avatar dialog wider to fit all text


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