Building out the ancient technology

Building out the ancient technology

Since the start of the project I’ve been working towards that point where there is lore and “ancient” tech in the game which is a pretty big part of the gameplay. However, so far I didn’t really put a lot of time in those aspects of the game because I simply haven’t fully figured out yet what to do with it!

This week I decided to tackle some of those things, starting with the “console” that’s already been in the game for a few months, but it was a bit buggy and not really interesting at all for the player to interact with it. And now it IS ! or at least, it looks the part and there is a bit more interaction. Still doesn’t show much of the “lore” yet, but in my head the plans for all this are now slowly coming together and can’t wait to continue working on it!

Beside the consoles I also started working on the “tech-pilars” – which you’ll find all over the planet, and you can now actually interact with them as I figured out what to do with them in the whole plot of the game (see how I try to avoid actually mentioning the details? it’s hard.. but worth it to keep it a mystery for now!)

I’ve also been giving some more time to the various creatures roaming around, you’ll find their behaviour as improved yet again (an ongoing thing until we get to release) – so don’t be surprised if you find creatures eating precious fruit right in front of you!

And finally a BUNCH of fixes and tweaks, as with every update – see the full list below. And check out this weeks devlog as I talk a little about keeping track of all the tasks, todo’s, plans, and features that I still have to work on before we can release this onto the world:

Full changes list:

  • added: mining devices now give “resource” triggers. Might attract creatures
  • added: vegetation also send out triggers (can attract creatures)
  • added: attracting triggers to creatures (they will walk towards things of interest to them)
  • added: “Requirements” to craftable items in inventory
  • added: fruit can now be eaten by creatures
  • added: complete rewrite on the “consoles” for their function and how to operate them
  • added: better spread on console spawns
  • added: improved look, feel and mechanics on “generators”
  • added: “Esc:back” instructions for mouse users in options screen
  • added: “Ooze” now spawning more near “tech” entities
  • added: tools to fix the sonic techpilars
  • added: crash-site now always “barren”
  • fixed: picking up items doesn’t always show correct item count in little notifcation on screen
  • fixed: nearby-triggers weren’t centered around the object
  • fixed: font rendering in parts of inventory
  • fixed: not all entities received a uniqueID (trust me: that’s a problem)
  • fixed: couldn’t select character with mouse button
  • fixed: settings menu sometimes rendered partly “off screen”
  • fixed: teleporting can trigger doors to open/close

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