Burning the Furnace and fixing that ship

Burning the Furnace and fixing that ship

A week of tidying up loose ends. I booted the game, and started writing down all the tiny little things that are not “perfect” or not working correctly at all. The end result was a long list of things that I needed to tackle, and this weeks update is the result of that!

So most of this weeks changes are improvements on existing things, and just putting the finishing touch on various things. I don’t want to have all these things waiting for me at the end of the project, so I rather prefer to have weeks like these where I don’t add too much new stuff, and just focus on all the things that need cleaning.

However.. :) I did add a couple of things! But the excuses here is that they were part of the loose ends, it mostly has to do with the missions and the requirements for fixing the player’s ship. I was a bit stuck on this because in part I wasn’t 100% sure on the missions needed, but also I’m not really pleased with how I handled the code for missions (it’s always an ugly and messy end result in my experience).  I decided to clean it up as much as possible, and just work with it for now and at the least get more of the missions implemented into the game working towards that end goal of being able to fully fix your ship and “escape” into space.

So a new mission now added that patches up your spaceship, and also a new deployable device is introduced: the Furnace (see GIF above).

This week’s video goes into all the tiny details and things on the todo list that I introduced to the game last week, make sure to watch that one here:

Full changes list:

  • added: deployable Furnace (turn pure quartz into silica-tiles)
  • added: Silica tiles
  • added: fish now also work with spawners (only spawn when player is near)
  • added: creatures now spawn at different times of day (day/night creatures)
  • added: option to toggle music or ambient sounds
  • added: techdrones now also damaged by power-beacon
  • added: activated engines now send forcefield signals
  • added: voicesound to the hologram effect
  • added: Patch Ship mission (once metal-plates are crafted)
  • changed: replaced some of the creature sounds
  • fixed: some food couldn’t be eaten (cactusfruit, and others)
  • fixed: can’t “eat” in-doors
  • fixed: picking up new power-beacon, would disable the transporters
  • fixed: inventory screen can be out of screen when player is on far left or right of world
  • fixed: shrooms can’t be eaten
  • fixed: overkill on tech-drones spawning in some areas
  • fixed: creatures won’t spawn in a power-beacon area (force field)
  • fixed: Quartz refinery not taking in raw Quartz
  • fixed: refineries not outputting same amount as input
  • fixed: metal compressor wasn’t taking metal in
  • fixed: mission notification vanishes too quickly when partly completing a mission
  • fixed: ladders aren’t rendered anymore
  • fixed: large pillars vanish off-screen at bottom of screen
  • fixed: deployable devices are now render “back” so that resources are rendered on top
  • fixed: food items can be eaten from inventory screen again – fish will check for campfire nearby
  • fixed: metal compressor makes no sound
  • fixed: Electentacle creatures sometimes got stuck floating
  • fixed: planets now have “Graphite” pockets
  • fixed: Coal can now be correctly mined
  • fixed: rawQuartz now looks more rough than refined Quartz
  • fixed: some fish rendering as weird white triangles
  • fixed: some devices only mine 1 resource




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