Starting a factory

Starting a factory

A short list this week, but don’t let the size of it fool you (!).  I’ve been doing the very exhausting task of completely rewriting how the game-devices work. Originally I never planned to have so much functionality added to the devices, and they were mainly there as a fun way to gain resources. BUT they are now slowly doing much more besides just mining for resources.

The end result is that I believe nothing got broken in this version, while under the hood it all works much better and allows me to create more variation in devices and it will be a lot easier to add them to the code.  While digging through the code, I also decided to make it possible to connect devices to each other.. and THAT’s where the fun starts. It still needs some work, but you’ll be able to refine quartz, have that output go into the furnace, and have the furnace store it’s output in the Silo where you’ll be able to grab it when you need it !

However, you won’t be capable of doing all that just yet, I still need to figure out how to unlock the silo and furnace for the player :D but trust me, it’s cool!

Make sure to check out this week’s video, where I explain my process of finding all the tiny bugs and features that need work:


Full changes list:

  • added: new resource – Echonium
  • added: Echonium deployable mining device
  • added: re-introduced glucobombs
  • added: auto pickup mined resources (metal,deuterium,coal,etc) – once identified
  • added: Force field items now need to be crafted (blueprint from datacubes)
  • added: Silo devices for storing resources (craftable with Metal)
  • added: (Deployable)-Devices now show more information when standing in-front of them
  • added: Devices can now be connected – refinery will automatically take input from mining devices
  • fixed: some animations not looping correctly (mostly special-fx related)
  • fixed: various bugs with glucobombs
  • fixed: early mission structure/follow-ups and messages
  • fixed: improved deployable device handling in code (thank me later future me)
  • fixed: world-generator crash (recursive waterfall creation bug)
  • fixed: power-plugs could be “put in backpack” while attached to gadgets

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