Save game has arrived!

Save game has arrived!

THIS is the update we’ve all been waiting for.. or perhaps YOU have been waiting for it, and I’ve been delaying it and pushing it back and back and back!  BUT this week I finally introduced a save-game feature – experimental I should add.

It might still bug out in all the wrong places, but so far, a lot of it seems to actually work. It still needs a bunch of work and most of that is testing on my end, but it’s a huge step in the right direction. For now there’s just one save-game slot, and every game will “overwrite” that slot. So if you continue a game, and then exit the game (Escape to pause, then exit) it will save the current game in that save-game slot overwriting anything there.  The game will also overwrite an old game with a new game, so keep that in mind for now ;)

I’ll be doing more test and work on the save-game in the coming weeks, so we’ll eventually move to a proper system with multiple slots and hopefully bug-free saving/loading of games!

You’ll also notice a nice looking background in the menu’s interface.. this is a work in progress, it’s not final art, but it already looks pretty amazing! The rest of this update is me fixing all the stuff I had on the BUG list, so that right now I have only 1 bug left, and a large TODO list of stuff to introduce a bunch of new bugs with in the coming weeks :D

Make sure to check yesterdays video here:


Full changes list:

  • added: Nanobots on EDP now show how much graphite is needed
  • added: shine to dilithium crystals
  • added: burning campfire/fires can now die out in the rain (only in top-world)
  • added: purple shine to ooze on various gadgets/techpilars/etc
  • added: Quit – are you sure ? dialog
  • added: sound, rumble and debris to sandworm
  • changed: Sandworm visual and attack-pattern changed
  • fixed: info on the first “data cube” will now point you towards the EDP (printer)
  • fixed: resource-colors/labels in visor don’t correspond with radar colors
  • fixed: nanobots only creatable AFTER you create a Graphite-Miner
  • fixed: creating EMP now requires natural resources (no more playing with Ooze)
  • fixed: Metal compressor not spitting out metal plating
  • fixed: metal-compressor should “remove item from hands” – can only insert 1 at a time
  • fixed: message to “suit/battery empty” when trying to use phaser / shield / coldness
  • fixed: operation instructions on ancient-datacube container were incorrect
  • fixed: sometimes multiple spiders spawn at one spot
  • fixed: sometimes multiple “sandworms” spawn at one spot
  • fixed: cactuspods take long before exploding
  • fixed: cactuspods can’t be thrown
  • fixed: ship debris not burning after the crash

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