Multiplying amount of graphics

Multiplying amount of graphics

I kinda thought this week was just me doing a LOT of pixel-pushing (creating new graphics) but a quick glance my the full changes list reminds me that I actually managed to do a lot more this week!

Some more time was put in the save-game code, last weeks save-game came with some big bugs, making those save-games pretty much unusable. This weeks fixes most of those issues AND it pushes the save-game down to just a little over 4mb.  I still noticed some discrepancies – so there are still bugs in these save-games.. but they are much more stable!  (You’ll mostly notice weird blue-water like images growing from vegetation.. I’m on it!)

There are now also 5 slots for save-games, and a “save game” option in the pause menu (although the game will auto-save on exit).

BUT like I said, most of this week I’ve been doing a LOT of pixel-pushing. I doubled the amount of background-graphics used for the planet tilesets, so you’ll find yourself on more variation of planets, and I also added a new background to the mix. Still more to come! but it’s been a productive week of resource-creation!

This weeks video goes into my “dislike” of writing save-game code, the 4th Orangepixel Switch game this year, AND some teleportation fun.. just watch:

Full changes list:

  • added: 5 save-game slots
  • added: option to delete save-game files
  • added: Manual-save to pause menu
  • added: loading-hint “remember to use field-generators to quickly teleport”
  • added: screenshake-slider to options menu
  • added: furnace now capable of burning anything (most stuff will either vanish to dust, or do nothing)
  • added: 2 new planet-tilesets (variation in planet graphics)
  • added: new planet-backdrop (variation in planet graphics)
  • changed: better rendering on progress-bar setup options
  • fixed: EDP interface screen crashing game when holding non-devices (fidget,datacubes)
  • fixed: weird screen-blink when exiting from options screen back to menu
  • fixed: bug in save-game not storing the player info correctly (fixes a host of issues)
  • fixed: rendering artifacts after a load-game
  • fixed: entering/exiting spaceship after load-game always does the door-intro
  • fixed: made savegame files smaller (now <5mb)
  • fixed: stop looping sounds when opening interface screens (footsteps, etc)
  • fixed: rendering bug in background layer
  • fixed: new game not resetting energy levels
  • fixed: fidget can’t be put away, and can’t be placed into device once fixed
  • fixed: updated background to new version
  • fixed: fullscreen toggle changing to weird resolution (in windowed mode)

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