We have lift-off!

We have lift-off!

First update of the new year! Welcome to the other side.. we made it!  Even though I skipped a few weeks of pushing updates, I have been working on the game here and there, so this update comes with a few interesting features and improvements.

SAVE GAME MIGHT BREAK.. just had to make that clear ! Needed to add more data to the savegames, and also noticed there’s a bunch of things missing. My advise is to start a new game for this update, but I think I managed to at least not crash the game on your old saves.

The biggest feature in this version is the fact that we now have all the “missions” that you need to complete to see your ship get off this planet! INCLUDING the actual animations and an end-statistics screen for when that happens. The end-stat screen right now just  shows you the amount of days, but there will be more things on there.  Time played? percentage explored? stats like that.. just need to first start tracking all that data.

This code also runs on a newer version of the underlying framework, this should fix some issues on Mac’s and also handles mouse-controls better on all platforms.. even tho I still have no real purpose for the mouse as most gameplay is done with either gamepad or keyboard, but good to know it plays nice with the mouse!

Finally, as for features, I made a start working on the credits screen! Yay! There’s already a lot of names there, with patrons and most kickstarter-backers, but there’s still some graphics I want to add, and a list of names that need to be added (mainly the higher-tier KS backers and publisher names).

So a lot of work done moving towards that “play me” state of the game! Make sure to breeze through the full changes list, there’s a lot of tiny but important improvements and changes.

Yesterday I uploaded the first video of the year, mostly talking about the plans for 2021, which obviously Residual is a big part of, so check it out (had some extra time to do this video..think it shows):


Full changes list:

  • added: animation and code for space-ship leaving planet
  • added: fixing gadgets now also require nanobots
  • added: start of the credits (still names missing)
  • added: extra steps to fixing Echo Pillars
  • added: Option to “auto-pickup” your field-generator (see settings->options menu)
  • added: code for “Discovered” planets (named planets by backers/devs)
  • added: progress and exploration percentages to the loading screen
  • added: animation to Hyper Gates
  • fixed: gameplay-tips showing through crash-intro graphics
  • fixed: crashes due to rumble() calls without gamepads
  • fixed: initialisation crashes due to controllers/rumble functionality
  • fixed: game not booting on Mac (including M1)
  • fixed: navigation to options with mouse from startscreen
  • fixed: changing option sliders with mouse
  • fixed: intro-code – sometimes ship would not crash onto planet
  • fixed: mouse-hints show even if mouse is hidden
  • fixed: screenshake is not working (since option added to settings menu)
  • fixed: pressing up on gamepad stick won’t jump (use button for jumping) – still used for climbing
  • fixed: included room-data to savegame files (doesn’t break old saves)
  • fixed: minor tweaks on jumping/input responds
  • fixed: mission-name on load-screen was incorrect
  • changed: increased time-delay for floating platforms before they drop
  • changed: upgraded to latest backend/controller-support libraries
  • changed: level-templates now loaded from disk (allows for modding in future)

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