The mushroom effect

The mushroom effect

A nice big and juicy update is here! Coming with a lot of  goodies and improvements. The most fun I had this week was with adding effects to the mushrooms! If you find some of those tasty mushrooms, before this update, they would give you full-health back.. now with this update.. they still do!  BUT  they also come with side-effects: Dizzyness, heavy-weight, munchies, blindness, and others!  Every planet has different mushroom-effects tied to the mushrooms.. so what happens on one planet, doesn’t need to happen on other planets. You won’t know until you try eating those shrooms!

There’s now also a third playable character added, this one will most likely be locked away behind some cool “explore and find” quests at some point in the very near future. There’s a long list below with so many tiny changes, new items (craftable HoverStones!) you better just boot up the game and take it out for a new crashlanding – you’ll also find a couple of space-rations in your inventory when you start new games.. so if you find yourself on a VERY empty planet without much food, this should help you survive the first day or so!

Bringing us to yesterdays video! Showing the credit screen and the ship’s take-off animation.. watch, like, subscribe here:


Full changes list:

  • added: indication number above datacubes when in printer-inventory screen
  • added: “analyze datacard” will now be part of your missions once you pick one up
  • added: electentacles can now be disabled with EMP bursts
  • added: analyze and instructions to “broken switches” requiring a new fidget
  • added: analyze and instructions to power-supply switches
  • added: special mushroom type
  • added: visual-blinking to missions that just had their counter decreased
  • added: new missions now check inventory and decrease their count accordingly
  • added: not sleeping should “weaken” the player
  • added: if not enough nanobots for specific device, it will show in red
  • added: mushroom effects – Dizzy, Heavy, Jumpy, Speedy, Passout, Blindness, Munchies, Flight
  • added: item: Antidote, disables all active mushroom effects (datacube knowledge, craftable)
  • added: item: Solar Enhancer (datacube knowledge,craftable)
  • added: item: Space Rations at start-up, provides player with some survival meals (random number between 1 and 3 meals given per game)
  • added: item – HoverStones (function as short-burst jetpack)
  • added: more ancient-storage device power-sources (to unlock them)
  • added: cooking mushrooms – counters out the effect raw-mushrooms give
  • added: small random-factor for planet gravity
  • added: proper storage kits for memory-cards (making them easier to spot and interactive)
  • changed: tweak for resin-plants – now grow lower in the planet
  • changed: tweaked some mission requirements
  • fixed: pack-up bug on deployable devices
  • fixed: improved graphics settings on PC / windowed mode
  • fixed: solar suit should charge when in-side the ship (ship-powered)
  • fixed: pushing up on stick won’t climb swing-vines
  • fixed: mushroom-placement now based on rareness/spawnrate
  • fixed: if no nanobots, EDP interface showed -1
  • fixed: echo-pillars placed in pools/water can’t be operated
  • fixed: EDP won’t show interface if no nanobots present – meaning we can’t build nanobots either
  • fixed: the “EDP needs X nanos” message pushed out the “analyzing” message when activated
  • fixed: “out of world bounds” crashes (left/right side of the planet)
  • fixed: can’t put down a torch (always goes out and in backpack)


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