Generating a complete universe

Generating a complete universe

A week of a bunch of minor improvements and changes, and one BIG feature. The bunch of smaller changes are all to de-clutter the interface. With missions, pickups, notifications, and all those things sliding in and out the screen, I wanted to stream line all of that a bit more, as it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming to new players. So most of the fixes are aimed towards all that.

The BIG feature is going to be a very important part of the gameplay once I’m fully done with it. I added a full-galaxy generator this week, which means that all the planets are now build based on the star-system they are in, the distance to their sun, and the galaxy that star system resides in.  It’s been a couple of days work, but it was well worth it!

For now you can check out the known Proxima galaxy from the options menu (stats -> universe) and navigate a bit through the starsystems and planets within. You can zoom into a star-system, and then you’ll get a list of the planets with some details on that planet.

The purpose of this screen is a couple of things.  The game’s technology is awesome, having unlimited amount of planets.. but to a player, all that technology isn’t visible or known. So this galaxy-view will give the player some feel and understanding of the size of the game, and the fact that there is more out there!

Second reason is sharing experiences and findings with other players. You’ll be able to find artifacts on planets, and how cool would it be to share the location of those items with your friends!

Third reason, I want to add some sort of free-play mode, where you get to choose the planet you’ll crash on. This just adds more value to gamers who can now pick a certain planet to either replay it, or visit all the planets, or do scavenge hunts for all the artifacts in the game. It will also make it more interesting for streamers or speedrunners.. just in case !

This weeks video shows the creation of the Residex, and a new planet backdrop:

Full changes list:

  • added: show “unlock” notifcation for new devices becoming available
  • added: raw mushrooms = long side-effect and 50% health+energy / cooked mushrooms = short effect and 100% health+energy
  • added: mushrooms are placed in more (dark/damp) areas
  • added: crafting of power-upgrade items (used to upgrade devices)
  • added: items to upgrade mining-devices for faster mining
  • added: option for shorter days per planet (not used for now)
  • added: galaxy-viewer – show all starsystems+planets+details
  • added: proper galaxy-creation – all planet generation now done based on the galaxy data
  • fixed: echo-pillars and treasure spawning in “spike” pits
  • fixed: less interface clutter / overlap with multiple notifications happening at once.
  • fixed: made inventory icons more clear (even when not selected)
  • fixed: regrouped some inventory stuff from tools to items
  • fixed: changes to sunlight code
  • fixed: bug in visor showing creature info on planet-tab (oops!)
  • fixed: removed showing a “pickup notification” when putting items back in backpack.
  • fixed: mission trigger events properly wait for other info to be gone
  • fixed: pickup notification stay on screen forever
  • fixed: delay mission pop-ups during “cinematic” events
  • fixed: improved “craft unlock” notification rendering
  • fixed: changed mission popup sound (now different from interface interaction sounds)
  • fixed: localization support for delimiters in various numbers (percentages,etc)
  • fixed: recruit solar suit message repeats WAY to often

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