Working on the details

Working on the details

A week of slow progress, mostly on purpose as I took it all a bit slower this week!  BUT that doesn’t mean nothing got done, it actually allowed me to focus on a bunch of tiny things, and at the end of the week.. that makes up for a huge list of fixes!

All Kickstart backer names are now in the credits (yay!) and surveys sent out for planet name rewards. I also started working on the lore, if you know bump into one of the Hologram shrines, you’ll be greeted with a variation of messages and hints.

Every planet now also comes with a new little storage-container device, once you activate and open it, you’ll find a random collectible trinket in there! Every planet has one, sometimes two, and there will be a menu interface to keep track of the full collection (also showing you what you missed).

So Patrons and Kickstarter backers, update your version and enjoy !

This weeks devlog dives into the whole galaxy-viewer added last week!


Full changes list:

  • added: Techdrones spitting out ooze will now also spread it across floors and walls
  • added: more hologram-speech lore
  • added: new planet backdrop
  • added: mirrored versions of planet backdrops (minor extra variation)
  • added: Artifact storage containers
  • added: final batch of KS backer names to credit screen
  • added: pause and inspection for ooze-spreading-tech-drones
  • added: first batch of artifacts
  • added: DNA scanning of non-procedural creatures
  • added: chair now gets a “something here” marker for first time sleepers
  • added: Show “ZZZzzz” above players head when tired (walking slower)
  • added: EMP also destroys “spawner” locations – keeping area safe
  • added: Creatures can now also be tempted to bite other creatures, including humanoids
  • fixed: solar-suit now decreases less quickly (had test code doubling decrease rate.. oops!)
  • fixed: push/pull items now show “Move” instructions, more clear than the “Grab” instruction
  • fixed: notifications sometimes staying on screen far too long
  • fixed: for single placement of special-mushroom
  • fixed: markers above known devices are now different from unknown devices
  • fixed: proper light in crash area (Based on time of day)
  • fixed: bouncers now properly “eat” deuterium
  • fixed: made passing-out text more clear on what happened
  • fixed: entities activating “life scanner” without player interacting

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