Colored water and different day cycles!

Colored water and different day cycles!

The closer I get to an actual release, the more “fixes” and “changes” these weekly updates seem to have!  Luckily there might be a lot more items in the changes list below, but most of these are tiny changes or fixes.

I did add a few new features, one of those is colored water! This was pretty simple (literally changing the color of the water) but I had to rewrite some code because of the way the waterfalls, pools, and water-waves all worked. But it’s done now, and you’ll find some interesting water colors on different planets!

Another change was something I wanted to create for a while, but for that I had to rewrite the way we color the sky during the night and day cycles. Now that that’s done, it was very easy to have every planet have it’s own hours-per-day. Depending on how close they are to their sun, you can now find planets with 10 hours in a day, or planets with 30 hours.. and everything in between! I can imagine that’s not going to work for all players, so I also added a setting in the menu that allows you to force 24 hours.

This weeks youtube update isn’t solely about Residual, but I needed a little break from talking about Residual all the time! ;)


Full changes list:

  • added: “bite” to trats biting player
  • added: different colors for water (Depending on planet-graphices)
  • added: artifact found info to planet view
  • added: improved galaxy-viewer to fit on all types of resolutions
  • added: different hours-per-day cycles per planet
  • added: player option to force 24-hours per day
  • added: artifact information to save-game
  • added: extra shine to artifact-pickups
  • added: doubled amount of hologram lore
  • added: over 15 extra Lore for datacards
  • added: 20 new artifacts
  • added: egg-nests in cold areas
  • added: split up craft knowledge and EDP knowledge
  • fixed: rewrite of water/waterfall code fixing tiny bugs
  • fixed: tech-vine switches floating in a room without any purpose
  • fixed: portal code now generates it’s own required switches
  • fixed: force-field floating above the ground
  • fixed: savegame file was missing some info on the planet
  • fixed: stop creatures from “idle” state in water
  • fixed: techdrones keep spawning at a spot (when old one is still hoovering nearby)
  • fixed: some PDB messages blocking player investigation-animation
  • fixed: rare crash on deploying devices
  • fixed: make dialog speech float upwards (movement to grab player attention)
  • fixed: black-bar behind instructions not vertically centered
  • fixed: rebalanced spreading of Ooze (less)
  • fixed: weird sliding animation when walking near campfire
  • fixed: connector-switch – hotspot for analyze is in center between 2 connectors
  • fixed: “cold” information getting overwritten by “find resources” information on cold planets
  • fixed: pdb for “EDP” or deployables now bounces due to alpha-value

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