A discovered and named galaxy

A discovered and named galaxy

Polish, tweak, polish, tweak, add, change,polish, tweak.. That’s pretty much my week! How was yours?! If you’re a kickstarter-backer, make sure to update your version of the game, because this week it finally happened:  Your planet got named! – or at least for 99% of the “name your planet” tier backers (still missing 6 or 7 survey replies).  So you can browse through the galaxy (options menu) and locate your planet!

A lot of areas of the gaming are now coming together, and with only a few weeks left on actual code-development, it better gets together! This update is full of tiny new things, improvements and as mentioned in last couple of updates: MANY fixes!

A lot of new planet graphics, new creature-dna, and I locked up the Astronaut character! You’ll have to unlock it, and I’m not telling you how — don’t worry, you’ll figure it out!

Last Thursdays video isn’t as much a devlog as it is just a tiny look into a developers head as he is trying to wrap up work on a year long project! No biggy, check it out:


Full changes list:

  • added: “artifacts found” to “continue” screen
  • added: “fruit” to the visor resources
  • added: drop item if grabbed by Slurper plants
  • added: logo added to snapshots
  • added: back-key to exit snapshot mode
  • added: 2nd “hot” planet soundtrack
  • added: new tilesets
  • added: KS Backer planet-names
  • added: make “flowers” static on some planets (tileset based)
  • added: time of day is now visualised with a sundial (since days can be any length, this might be more clear)
  • added: Astronaut character now an “unlockable” character
  • added: “freeplay unlocked” information box
  • added: astronaut-unlock elements and dialogs
  • added: new creature bodies
  • added: DNA life-form scanning now a progress-bar. Requires player to stay near the subject
  • added: sting-wasps from the egg-nests
  • added: map-view of the planet on load-game screen
  • added: hologram info speech (after hologram)
  • done: moved all text to file for localisation
  • changed: level-generator rules
  • changed: improved generator images
  • changed: less darkness when raining
  • changed: less frequent switch between rain/no-rain
  • fixed: craft-knowledge (when just 1) not centered
  • fixed: crash bug when holding an item and being grabbed by eating plant
  • fixed: pushing/grabbing blocked by “less important” actions
  • fixed: some spawn spots for proc-creatures
  • fixed: Electentacle can now be passed when it’s not in “electrified” state
  • fixed: design bug in some areas with spikes – not being escapable
  • fixed: shading on console pillars
  • fixed: connector-switch overriding other events when nearby
  • fixed: can’t make oil burn (torch nor phaser)
  • fixed: ugly rendering corners in tilemap/backdrop
  • fixed: moved “marker” on top of echo-pillars down to the “console” on the pillar
  • fixed: improved intro (more context, improved text)
  • fixed: rain/snow fall starting like horizontal lines
  • fixed: single-time spawner triggers would still trigger new spawns
  • fixed: don’t spawn arachnid near “generators/fidgets”
  • fixed: pdb dialog at a hologram device disappears very fast
  • fixed: day-hud was not lined-up with statusbars (Vertically)
  • fixed: electro-block doesn’t change itsimage back after it deactivates

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