Artifacts, Eye-catchers and a kick-ass intro

Artifacts, Eye-catchers and a kick-ass intro

What a week! The game is REALLY coming together in these final weeks, and it shows in all areas of the game. There’s a couple of amazing new things in this weeks update, starting with the Artifact-screen, including a hundred (!) artifacts for you to scavenge for on all the planets. Each planet has 1 or 2 artifacts, and every artifact is at least hidden once… you just need to crash, and crash again to find them all ;)

I also started work on adding “eye-catcher” art. After noticing that most interesting screenshots are with the water-falls in there adding nice environmental light.. I figured I needed something else! So eye-catcher art was made and will be scattered around the universe. Weird plants, futuristic looking objects, and just a bunch of other pretty stuff. It already creates a couple of amazing screenshots, so I couldn’t help myself and create a few wallpapers for the .. like this one:

The final awesome addition to this weeks update comes in the shape of a whole new intro!  The original intro was once created in a rush because of the Kickstarter demo, but this time Dylan (the intern) put some good time into a sweet animation of the main character in his spaceship, and with some code work and special effects on my end, we turned it into a sweet crashing animation! – If you have access to the early build make sure to reactivate the intro in the preferences menu)

See below for a full list of changes and tweaks, all the result of polishing, as explained in last Thursday devlog:


Full changes list:

  • added: tileset-art credits
  • added: 100 artifacts
  • added: Artifact database screen
  • added: arrow-key controls for menu/interface
  • added: extra Metal+Deuterium drops on the planet
  • added: spitplants can be burned
  • added: throwing rocks at split-plants to destroy them
  • added: egg-nests can be hit or burned
  • added: egg-wasps – need to fly away from water (or if player is too far away)
  • added: completed the “well done” screen
  • added: “eye-catcher” scenery objects
  • added: tileset-inner-corners; fixing rendering uglyness
  • fixed: background descrepency
  • fixed: improved intro-crash
  • fixed: “cold, need solar suit” message overlapping with getting out of crashed ship on cold planets
  • fixed: mouse-controls in Universe viewer
  • fixed: better spread of Artifacts across planets (all artifacts at least placed once)
  • fixed: tweaked rules for rain on a planet
  • fixed: can make unlimited nanobots (with no Graphite)
  • fixed: rare case of Metal spawning at top left or top right of the map (out of reach)
  • fixed: text-overlap issues in Visor
  • fixed: overkill of fire-triggers on oil-surface
  • fixed: controller disconnecting and reconnecting not being detected
  • fixed: “Astronaut unlock” dialog showing up twice
  • fixed: dna-scanning when creatures are moving around
  • fixed: stingwasps don’t fly upwards fast enough


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