More cuteness and character

More cuteness and character

This is, easily, the most stable version of the game so far. And the changes list shows why – it’s a list with few tiny new things, but mostly a bunch of fixes!    I just ended a play session in the game, and even though the game is very stable, there are still a bunch of things I want to improve and every gameplay session goes hand in hand with a bunch of changes on my to-do list.

One thing that has been bugging me was the little hovering bot that flies along side the player. This is PedeyB – or PDB the Personal Disaster Bot.. and I never really liked him! OR at least not how he looked. I wanted him to look cute, but there’s not a lot of room for cuteness in a 10×10 sprite…  until this week I found a way to improve him.

Left is old, Right is new


Adding those little feet that wiggle about a bit, makes him so much more likeable, and that tiny visual change also comes with some newly written dialog. He’s really a bit of a character now.. and has this weird romantic thing for the ship’s replicator. Strange!

Few more weeks of fixing and tweaking, and we’ll call this puppy done!

I also added a few more eyecatchers, make sure to check the video below for the first batch that was added last week:

Full changes list:

  • added: more eyecatcher objects
  • added: language select
  • added: blueprint for echonium-transmitter now unlocked at better time in game
  • added: planet-core heath mapping
  • added: gave PedeyB more character/cuter look
  • added: Random-Events handling code
  • added: Event – suit-malfunction
  • added: Event – toxic rain
  • added: Event – damage to devices
  • added: PedeyB log – last messages in Visor
  • added: woofer-sound now also scares creatures
  • added: Event – Ship attacked by Ooze (re-repair!)
  • added: Event – broken backpack
  • added: suit-malfunction messages to visor
  • added: “share your postcard” message box to snapshot mode
  • added: EDP show how many devices we already have
  • fixed: rendering bug on “destroyable blocks”
  • fixed: PedeyB avatar during hologram
  • fixed: permadeath setting information
  • fixed: spacing between empty and use on residex screen
  • fixed: mouse controls in input-screen
  • fixed: arrow-keys now show up as dpad icons during instructions
  • fixed: fishing-rod now a Tool instead of object
  • fixed: speed of planet-rotation in galaxy-views
  • fixed: galaxy-view background art/clearness
  • fixed: don’t pop-up dialog when player on instable/moving floors
  • fixed: fish on dry-land turn into “dead fish” food
  • fixed: dead-player won’t create triggers for surrounding creatures
  • fixed: trimmed windowed-resolution options (removed weird ones)
  • fixed: remember navigation in menu-screens (settings)
  • fixed: repair at echo-pillars now always triggers (was timer-delayed)
  • fixed: general interface interaction cleanup
  • fixed: disabled placing device at same spot as other device
  • fixed: blocking player from packing-up device when holding something else
  • fixed: powerrelay switch with connector not capable of grabbing connector and connecting it
  • fixed: faster banter/talkback events in dialogs
  • fixed: inventory handling for “groups” of items
  • fixed: toxic-rain shouldn’t hurt player indoors
  • fixed: snow starts falling during intro
  • fixed: egg-wasps fly upwards immediately
  • fixed: arachnoid can now be “scared” back to it’s nest
  • fixed: added correct black edges to intro animation
  • fixed: backdrop for on-screen instructions
  • fixed: fish not spawning
  • fixed: can’t use torch to light campfire
  • fixed: “discovered by” on visor rendering width
  • fixed: extra spacing for visor text
  • fixed: bug with deuterium-slurpers
  • fixed: dialog-caching events (when old dialog is still shown)

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