Improved dialog system and near feature complete

Improved dialog system and near feature complete

Another week closer to a full game, and this week sees the squashing of close to 60 different bugs but also small things that I don’t like or need little improving. So a “fix” could also be something simple like: “move the dialog up 8 pixels”. It’s all a bit of polish mixed with bug-fixing and making sure we have the most kick-ass game possible!

I’ve been pushing daily-updates, since we now have a QA team testing the crap out of this thing, so I want them to have the latest build available. That means version numbers increase with a letter  (0.32a..b..c..g) during the week, and on Friday we push out a fresh new version!

I would call the current build pretty much feature-complete. There are no plans for adding big new things, the coming week I’ll just be adding achievements, and we’ll have to worry about translation (especially the font used, since it doesn’t support languages like Russian.. so I have to figure out a solution for that – meaning, find a font that works for such languages).

So not a lot of things to mention in this weeks update, except that IF you update: delete your save-game files, because you’ll most likely miss out on triggers and events and dialogs. So update, and start a fresh new crash..uh.. game!

Last week I introduced a cuter-version of PedeyB to the game, and in yesterdays devlog I talked about that and more!:

Full changes list:

  • added: “Come share your postcard at the with fellow adventurers”
  • added: sub-mission for crafting power-pack for first door
  • added: tileset winner planets
  • added: clean up “completed” missions from mission list
  • added: fallback language support
  • added: Freeplay planet count to Solarsystem view
  • added: ladder blueprint now also unlocks after big drops
  • added: message explaining use of silo’s
  • added: marker above spaceship when need analyzing hull
  • added: solarcell charges faster inside ship
  • added: Eyecatchers will throw out a memorycard
  • added: Water flask
  • added: extra credit diorama’s
  • added: little “highlight” shine spark to pushables
  • fixed: some “log-data” crates spawn in water
  • fixed: disabled certain EyeCatchers from spawning above ground
  • fixed: broken backpack items will now first have to hit the ground
  • fixed: cancel snapshot still shows discord message (and makes postcard)
  • fixed: “take a nap” line also shows if player just died/health==0
  • fixed: postcard now contains galaxy and planet name
  • fixed: discoverylist and languagelist not loading
  • fixed: slight increase in statusbar resolution
  • fixed: alt+tab when in fullscreen now properly handles rendering and focus
  • fixed: corrected interface-background scaling
  • fixed: selecting windowed resolution pushed game in fullscreen on first try
  • fixed: power-source crafting not being triggered
  • fixed: hologram right pillar rendering bug
  • fixed: not being able to place a silo or non-mining device
  • fixed: reorganised PedeyB dialog text
  • fixed: “craft energy source” mission added twice
  • fixed: Hologram text now part of orange-dialog (not PedeyB)
  • fixed: disabled game running at higher than 60fps on PC
  • fixed: removed echo-pillar over-spawnage in the underground
  • fixed: roof Generators and EchoPillars underground only added in “mainpath”
  • fixed: fish walking/sliding on ground
  • fixed: fish dropping dead (magically)
  • fixed: increased duration of campfires
  • fixed: campfire dying out after cooking is done
  • fixed: cookables in inventory not detecting nearby campfire
  • fixed: assigned same key to multiple actions
  • fixed: wrong labelling in DNA Scanner results
  • fixed: feeding EDP with resources won’t trigger mission-completed
  • fixed: resin-fluid rocks don’t vanish (unlimited resin)
  • fixed: died while on ladder locks movement
  • fixed: Graphite not highlighted in scan
  • fixed: Fruit+Graphite same index color
  • fixed: dead fish can’t be picked up under water
  • fixed: torch should be tool not item
  • fixed: crash when eating “forget” shroom
  • fixed: when swinging on one vine, other vine shouldn’t take over if we touch it
  • fixed: eyecatcher8 should not spawn aboveground
  • fixed: upgrades should use different message
  • fixed: vertical door closes with wrong images
  • fixed: short delay between jump presses
  • fixed: “constructing …” comes from palyer, should be printer-message
  • fixed: shorter delay on re-using spaceship door
  • fixed: grabbing graphite out of backpack, and putting it back, decreases mission progress
  • fixed: cactus sometimes gives wooden stick as item
  • fixed: treasure spawning in water
  • fixed: placing ladder at same spot as existing ladder
  • fixed: don’t make inventory drop out when inside ship
  • fixed: visited-planet count not correct
  • fixed: long-planet names mess up load-game interface
  • fixed: prepped credits for localisation
  • fixed: Postcards now saved to user/ folder
  • fixed: no more “oil” hint
  • fixed: teleporter not working when placed high on platform in world
  • fixed: crash when pulling fish out the water
  • fixed: nano-bots in inventory showing 0 (you don’t really have them, they are for EDP)
  • fixed: player passing-out doesn’t restore “indoor” world state correctly
  • fixed: don’t allow teleporters on floating-platforms
  • fixed: residex not correctly storing creature-locations

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