We now have 3000 creatures in the universe

We now have 3000 creatures in the universe

Since I pretty much put a stop on big-features for the game, as these are the final weeks before we start porting to consoles, I’ve been very busy looking into small features I could still safely add ! These are for the most part cosmetic things, so we now have a larger collection of creatures thanks to adding more bodies,heads and tails. Last weeks version of Residual had 890 creatures, and this version is touching the 3000 !

Linking in to those creatures, the Residex has undergone some changes, and is now much better (I was never happy with that screen in the options>stats menu). Now you get to browse the creatures by “species” discovered, and then show the various creatures within that species. The system is very crude, a species is basically a body-type, but it works!  It makes browsing all your discoveries a lot easier and more organised.   The creatures now also come with names which is a combination of their head,body and tail descriptor.

The game also comes with a new font, this is so that we can have a good font used for all languages (previous font had no support for cyrillic languages like Russian!)  – and of course this week is extremely full of fixes, tweaks and improvements as we’ve been play-testing the game all week long.  It’s cool to see how stable the game is, mostly based on the fact that only 2 or 3 bugs came in today as I type this.. and I already fixed those before they came in!

Yesterdays devlog shows the creation of the little diorama’s in the credit screen:


Full changes list:

  • added: new font (supports cyrillic)
  • added: increase in interface-resolution (bigger font, works better)
  • added: redesigned Residex
  • added: Furnace can now also prepare fish/mushrooms
  • added: made scanning creatures easier (they are less likely to run away when being scanned)
  • added: show “identified species” when using dna on prev-scanned lifeforms
  • added: first 8 achievements
  • added: more tree-variations
  • added: caught fish or jumping fish, will continue swimming if landing in water
  • added: camera-cinematic when random event happens
  • added: crafting-animation and short delay
  • added: show +1 in energy and food bar for x seconds when it increases
  • added: increased aggressiveness to creatures at night
  • added: PDB dialog for putting useless resources in the furnace
  • added: save-game stays after lift-off so you can go back and fix hyper-gate
  • added: chop-able tree-growth to devices and areas?
  • added: roof engines now remove ooze from their vertical-plane
  • added: event – break down gadgets in switches for roof engines
  • added: new variations of creature bodies+heads
  • added: drink from filled flask in hands (not just through inventory)
  • added: analyze information to the portal
  • added: unlocking of Echonium transmitter near portal
  • added: Give hyper-shards for a single freeplaymode on completion/survival
  • fixed: Furnace device knowledge never gets unlocked
  • fixed: tall-pushables aren’t blocked correctly by floor
  • fixed: back-button in galaxy doesn’t work with mouse
  • fixed: not being able to place items near echo-pillar
  • fixed: device-placement blue-floor rendering is bugged
  • fixed: capping mission-list on visor screen
  • fixed: increased size of visor screen
  • fixed: increased tab-pages on visor screen
  • fixed: getting an “eat …” message at Cotton
  • fixed: showing “use phaser” when on ladder (which can’t be done)
  • fixed: can’t pickup dilithium or sealant when stems are at the same spot
  • fixed: players “indoor” status didn’t get reset correctly at all times – causing host of problems
  • fixed: auto-pickup fieldgenerator even if disabled in options
  • fixed: floating items in hand when using visor-animation
  • fixed: uiinventory has word: Requires – non-translated
  • fixed: create-resources mission now completes if device already created
  • fixed: translate creature sleep-time to planet-based hours
  • fixed: improved device-placement
  • fixed: water-drinking effects are now more balanced
  • fixed: residex creature rendering bugs
  • fixed: die/pass-out at teleporter still makes you teleport
  • fixed: spread resource-pockets based on min-depth values
  • fixed: player getting locked at slurper-plants or after dropping on the floor
  • fixed: tree disappears bottom of screen
  • fixed: some generators not being able to fixed due to switch being not placed in visible location
  • fixed: inventory decreased double when using furnace
  • fixed: end-screen text rendering
  • fixed: high-temperature make you exhausted/sleepy faster
  • fixed: not all artifact-containers got placed
  • fixed: cleaned up teleporter code, fixing multiple bugs in the process
  • fixed: crafted items now get mounted in hands instead of placing in backpack
  • fixed: improved end-screen



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