Wrapping up the work!

Wrapping up the work!

IT’S .. A.. WRAP!   …sort of ! Last week I mentioned that I stopped adding big-features, and during this week I also stopped adding small features, and the amount of bugs showing up is now a small drip of silly little things. So let’s call it what it is:  Residual is now at release-candidate status!

What’s left is porting the code to the console versions. Starting with Switch, because hardware wise it’s the slowest, and development/code wise it’s the easiest to quickly test things out on. We then make sure everything works and runs as it should. Any bugs showing up at this porting stage are most likely code-bugs, and they will be easier to spot since code is often used in many different areas. Based on the experience we build up with porting the other Orangepixel games, I’m not expecting huge obstacles, we can probably guess where the problem/work will happen, but it will be exciting to see the game run on Switch !

Exciting couple of months coming for the world of Residual !

One of the last Residual DEVLOG’s talks about the addition of tiny-features that I could still sneak into the game in recent weeks:

Full changes list:

  • added: interface music
  • added: extra tree designs
  • added: improved rock-drop sounds
  • added: extra creature-sounds
  • added: new achievements: Saviour, MEchanic, Foody, Janitor, Technician
  • added: new achievements: Crasher, Galactic-fisher, Fruit picker, Fruit lover, Shroom sampler, Tourist
  • added: Lore and Hologram log-screens to Stats menu
  • added: catching fish now adds random value to speed (more chance it won’t land in water again)
  • added: completed Dutch translation
  • fixed: freeplay-rune in galaxy view overlaps text
  • fixed: snapshot mode pans out of bounds
  • fixed: door not requiring power, just a repaired gadget
  • fixed: EDP triggering dialog twice
  • fixed: EDP not showing creating of devices/technology
  • fixed: no select-sound in Artifacts
  • fixed: back on residex with Mouse doesn’t work
  • fixed: select-sound on galaxy view and residex view
  • fixed: oil sometimes spawning on vines
  • fixed: destroyable rocks looking like inner-corners
  • fixed: some fish didn’t show “pickup notification”
  • fixed: smash/chop animation
  • fixed: losing items when giving to EDP without enough nanobots
  • fixed: random crash on EMP FX
  • fixed: possible random crashes on getMyRandom() calls
  • fixed: some devices becoming invisible
  • fixed: fish vanishing in water
  • fixed: artifact-container vanishing
  • fixed: “repair-ship” mission not showing requirements
  • fixed: being able to lift-off with a damaged ship
  • fixed: graphite usage when creating nanobots
  • fixed: fullscreen pref not saved (mac)
  • fixed: fullscreen hint-text shows \r for line break
  • fixed: not showing travel-agency screen if NO save game, but 1 or more runestones
  • fixed: mouse controls in setup menu
  • fixed: fixing/repairing tools doesn’t decrease nanobot count
  • fixed: setup->input interface issues

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